Drama Teacher Mentoring Program


There are a number of mentoring opportunities for interested Drama Teachers in Public Schools NSW. Nominating teachers will have a passion for being part of events such as Festivals or Camps and are prepared to take their newfound experiences to develop and coordinate drama events in their local area. 

     Teachers can apply to be mentored in the following events -

  1. State Drama Camp - Positions are available for teachers to attend, observe, learn and shadow teachers and tutors at State Drama Camp. Successful applicants will need to make their way to and from the Elanora Heights venue. Priority will be given to applicants from Regional and Remote Schools.
  2. Drama Ensembles - Teachers can observe and be mentored by current NSW Public Schools State Drama Ensembles teacher tutors and watch the process of devised student works that lead into the State Drama Festival. Successful applicants will participant in a half-day  professional learning session on the process of auditioning, planning, process and product of the Ensembles program with the Student Drama Officer. Afterwards, from 5-7pm, teachers will observe the Ensemble program in action. Participants will also be required to attend 2 additional evening ensemble rehearsals throughout the year as well as 1 day at the State Drama Festival in October. 

COST - Casual relief will be provided where necessary. Staff will be expected to cover all transport costs as well as any accommodation expenses for non-residential events.     

Enrolment Criteria

  • Sound understanding of the depth and scope of the arts-related role
  • Demonstrated capacity to work at a level that supports and extends complementary school and area activities
  • Demonstrated involvement in facilitating related planning and organisational structures, reflecting a proactive and visionary approach
  • Highly motivated and a desire to extend personal knowledge and skills   

For teachers accredited at Professional Competence, completion of this course may be able to contribute 15 hours towards Institute Registered professional development.

Applications open in February 2017 . Click here for an application form. 

For further details please contact Beth Rosser, elizabeth.rosser@det.nsw.edu.au