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Creative Resource Dance

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This video series includes a range of dance training sequences developed by the tutors of our NSW Public Schools Dance Ensemble training program. The students range from Years 4 to 12.

Class work is grouped into primary, lower secondary and Senior secondary for warm up and floor work, standing and travelling.

To make the most of each exercise sequence:

  • When beginning to work with your students, beak each video down to the individual skills presented.
  • As the dancers become stronger and more familiar with the work, choose to combine the elements together as it is presented in the video for a successful outcome.

Presenters: Angela Hamilton, Lexy Panetta, Millie Slennett and Charlotte Twitchell


The Dance team
The Arts Unit

Safety tips for online movement classes if you wish to participate

  1. You have been given approval from your parent/caregiver prior.
  2. You will clear a spot in your home big enough to give you space to move around. Be sure there are no coffee tables, plants or chairs in the way.
  3. Be aware of any pets or small humans that may sneak into your dance space.
  4. Check the height of ceiling fans and light fittings so the area is clear as you reach above your head.
  5. You will wear comfortable clothing that allows a full range of movement.
  6. This will include appropriate footwear:
    • Sneakers, socks, ballet slippers, jazz shoes or bare feet.
    • You may have to adjust based on the flooring you are dancing on.
    • Bare feet may be better than ballet slippers on a slippery floor. Socks may be better on carpet.
    • Be careful if you are on a rug on a slippery floor.

If you have an injury or a medical condition please follow the advice of your health professional. It is suggested you view the exercises beforehand and adjust according to your limitations.

Please stay safe, listen carefully to all the instructions.
If you study dance please think about your knowledge of safe dance practice as you execute the instructions.