Local Arts Program Priority Grant Application - Aboriginal Education

Applications close at 5:00 pm on Friday 3 March 2023 (Term 1 Week 6)

From 2023, targeted local arts grants will be available to fund projects over 3 years that address specified department priorities through the arts.

Up to 5 grants of $35,000 will be available for Aboriginal arts education projects for networks of schools or groups of networks. Each community of schools will nominate an arts program to be developed as a collaboration between the community of schools, The Arts Unit and local Aboriginal Education and Wellbeing teams. Grant funding will be distributed as follows:             

  • $15,000 in the first year
  • $10,000 in the second year
  • $10,000 in the third year.

Projects will be encouraged to work towards self-sufficiency after 3 years. However, with evidence of impact and a demonstrated need across the state, projects may be considered for centralised funding and expansion into other school networks.

Application conditions

Consistent evaluation of programs ensures that local arts programs receiving priority grants are sustainable and impactful. Each year program coordinators will be responsible for providing the following:

  • budget and acquittal of grant expenditure
  • evidence of impact, including participant survey data, focus groups and/or interviews demonstrating how the program is meeting priority and arts education outcomes.

Ongoing funding after 3 years may be considered for programs identified as successful in meeting identified student outcomes.

  • Successful applicants will be notified Friday 24 March 2023 (Term 1 Week 9)
  • Grant funds will be provided to the managing school by Term 2 Week 1


Jenny Beachum - Arts Planning and Strategy Coordinator, The Arts Unit
Email - jenny.beachum@det.nsw.edu.au
Phone - 02 8512 1113


Application details

School based coordinator name
Managing school
Operational directorate
The SAM deatils are collected to support efficient grant fund organisation.
Targeted participants
Targeted artform/s

Program details

  • Include identified gaps and/or comparable programs.
Describe how the program will achieve one or more of the following dimensions:

Arts Education Outcomes

  • Every program MUST address one or more of the student outcomes in addition to any other outcomes selected.
Select one to 3 key arts education outcomes for this program.


  • The program will need a coordinator and/or committee, as well as a managing principal who must sign off that a DEL is aware of the program.

One file only.
128 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png, txt, rtf, html, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, zip.

Evaluation process

  • Each year the program coordinators will be also responsible for providing a budget acquittal of the grant expenditure.
What data or evidence measures will be used to evaluated the impact and success of the program?