Online adjudicator booking form

Once there is a mutual agreement on a date and time for your online debate, please complete the following steps.

  1. Complete this online form below and submit.
  2. If your plan is to hold 2 debates back-to-back, we'll need you to enter both debates separately (we'll still try to appoint you the one adjudicator for both debates).
  3. We will send you a confirmation email so that you know we're on it.
  4. You need to set up an online meeting. For support refer to the online meeting instructions (DOCX, 381.05 KB)  
  5. Email us at with a link to a meeting using whichever online platform suits you.
  6. Finally, we'll get back to you the day before the debate with name and contact details for the adjudicator we've assigned.

Best of luck for your debates!

What school are you from?
What school are you against?
Remember to let us know the start time of the actual debate. Typically that will be 1 hour and 10 minutes after the time you've arranged to meet the other team for topic selection and preparation.