Schools Spectacular rural and remote dance workshops 2023

This year the Schools Spectacular dance team will host an exciting new opportunity for dance students in regional, rural and remote areas. 

This new initiative is designed to support the development of skills and knowledge for students and teachers.

Who can apply?

The Schools Spectacular dance workshops are open to students attending NSW Public Schools.
The workshops are targeted toward:

  • New schools that have not participated in Schools Spectacular 
  • Schools that applied in 2023 and were unsuccessful 
  • Schools who had reduced numbers accepted into the show and would like to offer additional students the opportunity to experience a 'Spec' rehearsal. 

What will my students gain from being involved?

Students will engage in a full-day Schools Spectacular dance workshop 

  • Students will learn repertoire from the 2023 Schools Spectacular show
  • Students and staff will gain insights and demystify the Schools Spectacular dance rehearsal process
  • Enhance student skills in dance technique and performance 
  • Learn from a 2023 Schools Spectacular choreographer 
  • Build student skills and knowledge to support your application in future Dance opportunities offered by The Arts Unit

How do I register my school?

Schools can register for the 2023 Schools Spectacular dance workshops by completing this form. Dates and locations are listed below.

There is a $10 participation fee per student to be involved in the workshop.

Workshop locations and dates

All workshops are from 9 am - 3 pm

Locations TBC 

Port Macquarie: Tuesday 24 October 

Dubbo: Tuesday 24 October 

Armidale: Wednesday 25 October 

Nyngan: Thursday 26 October 

Young: Friday 17 November

Contact details

Should you have any queries, please get in touch with us at

Application process

  1. Complete this online application form, including all your students' details and contact teacher information.
  2. Complete the final page of the  Authority to film and record form – Schools Spectacular rural and remote dance workshops 2023 (PDF 244.97 KB)
  3. ​​​​​Complete and upload the  2023 Schools Spectacular rural and remote dance workshops payment form (DOCX 72.15 KB)

School information

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Workshop details

Participating students

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COVID-19 acknowledgement

I acknowledge that this event/activity is required to be held in accordance with any current NSW Health COVID-19 Public Health Orders and the NSW Department of Education’s policies and procedures. I acknowledge and accept that there is a risk that my students may be exposed to COVID-19 whilst attending and participating at this event. I confirm that my students will not attend if displaying any symptoms of illness, and/or if directed to isolate under public health orders.
For further information on the risk of exposure, refer to NSW Health’s Information for people exposed to COVID-19.

Please ensure parents and carers are aware of this COVID-19 acknowledgement.
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