State Drama Camp - application form 2023

Applications have now closed.

Should you have any queries, please contact us at

Please note that the 2023 State Drama Camp will operate under the guidelines from NSW Health and the Department of Education. 


Application process

  1. Students are required to complete this form to apply to attend the State Drama Camp 2023.
  2. Parents/ guardians are required to give permission for their child to attend State Drama Camp 2023.
  3. Ensure you check the information you submit carefully, especially your email address as this is our main form of communication with you. 
  4. Ensure parent permission is indicated for student information to be published.
  5. Once you have completed this online application form, you will receive an email confirming your submission.
  6. After the submission of your application, your teacher and/or principal will be contacted to complete an endorsement to support students attending the State Drama Camp 2023.
  7. Successful applicants will be notified by Wednesday 24 May 2023.


  • $580 - metro and non-metro students
  • $435 - rural and remote students 

All payments will be accepted online through our student payment portal.

Contact details

Should you have any queries, please contact us at


Student details

Student name
Contact teacher name

Accommodation preference

Accommodation will be separated into male and female students.
Preferred accommodation
First parent/guardian details
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Second parent/guardian details
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Student medical information

(Nominated by parent or caregiver as an alternate contact)
Please indicate any medical conditions the student suffers from.
If the student has a medical action plan for any reason, including asthma, anaphylaxis or allergies you are required to supply this plan by uploading or via email to
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If nil, please type N/A.

Drama experience

Indicate when you have studied drama at school
Please describe your school experience.
Please describe any other experience.

Student background information

Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin?
Is a language other than English spoken at home?

Additional support information

Are there any special circumstances about the student that the program coordinator should know prior to enrolment?
Additional learning and support needs, including disability
For example, speaking and/or listening
For example, hygiene, mealtimes and/or health care needs social support to engage safely with others
Please indicate if the student has any of the following
Is there a documented plan to support the student’s additional learning needs at school?
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Behaviour code

I accept my place in the NSW Public Schools State Drama Camp 2023. I understand that all students participating in The Arts Unit activities are expected to abide by the Behaviour Code For Students

Parent consent

I support my child's acceptance into the NSW Public Schools State Drama Camp 2023. My child and I understand that all students participating in The Arts Unit activities are expected to abide by the Behaviour Code For Students

COVID-19 consent

  • I confirm that my child will not attend if they are ill or displaying COVID-19 symptoms.
  • I acknowledge that if my child has been exposed to a person with COVID-19 prior to attending an overnight excursion, they will follow the NSW Health guidelines for a person exposed to COVID-19.
  • I acknowledge that prior to attending the overnight excursion or camp it is recommended that my child compete a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) prior to leaving home, on the morning before departure, to reduce the likelihood of anyone testing positive at camp. If positive, I will inform the school immediately and follow the NSW Guidance for a person who has tested positive to COVID-19.
  • I acknowledge that mask wearing for all students, staff and visitors/volunteers is strongly recommended indoors when physical distancing is not possible.
  • I acknowledge that I will be required to collect my child from the accommodation venue immediately if they become ill and present with COVID-like symptoms.
  • I acknowledge should a student test positive to COVID-19, all students in the same room / cabin will be considered as having been exposed to a person who has tested positive to COVID-19 and communication will be provided to families including  NSW Health guidelines for people exposed to COVID-19. This may include seeking consent for RAT testing.
  • I acknowledged that the venue(s) being visited may have their own COVID-19 safe protocols.
For further information on the risk of exposure, refer to NSW Health’s Information for people exposed to COVID-19.

Talent release permission

In this release Department means the NSW Department of Education.

Explanation of the project

The NSW Public Schools State Drama Camp will occur from Sunday 25 June to Thursday 29 June. It will involve rehearsals, workshops and a performance of a theatrical work that will be devised over the course of the camp.

Description of the information that will be collected

The Department has advised that it will film, record and photograph students while they are participating in rehearsals, workshops and performances.

Explanation of how the information will be collected

Students may be filmed and photographed while preparing and performing as part of the workshops, rehearsals and performance. Background footage of students may also be obtained.

Explanation of where the information will be published

The information obtained about your child may be published in print and online publications of state, regional and local newspapers. It may also be shared on Department channels such as and/or and their associated media channels.

Description of the period during which the information may be used

The information published on any channel is for the purpose of promoting excellence in public schools NSW. These channels are monitored by NSW Department of Education staff and will remain active once published for an unlimited period due to the publishing nature of online content.

You may withdraw your consent at any time and the Department will take reasonable action to remove your child's information, however material that has been published on the internet may remain discoverable. Please contact The Arts Unit if you would like access to any photographs or recordings of your child.

I (the undersigned) am the parent/legal guardian of the above-named student.

I grant to the Department the right to photograph my child and to record my child’s voice, performances, poses, actions, plays and appearances in connection with the project described on page 1 of this talent release and any related project (Project).

I grant to the Department, its successors, assignees and licensees the right to use, all still and motion pictures and sound track recordings and records which the Department may capture of my child or of my child’s voice as a part of the Project, and the right to use my child’s name or likeness in or in connection with the exhibition, advertising, exploiting and/or publicising of the Project. I further grant the right to reproduce in any manner whatsoever any recordings including all instrumental, musical or other sound effects produced by my child, in connection with the production and/or postproduction of the Project.

I waive any right to inspect or approve any use of any photographs or recordings of my child by the Department. 

I agree that I will not assert or maintain against the Department, its successors, assignees and licensees, any claim, action, suit or demand of any kind or nature whatsoever, including but not limited to for breach or invasion of privacy, rights of publicity or other civil rights, or for any reason in connection with the Department’s authorised use of my child’s physical likeness and sound in connection with the Project.

I acknowledge and agree that all rights in and to any content captured as a part of the Project, including the copyright, are and shall remain the sole property of the Department, free and clear from any claims by me or anyone acting on my behalf.
The Department’s rights to content featuring my child’s physical likeness or sound captured as a part of the Project include, but are not limited to the right to:

a)    use, re-use, publish, and re-publish that content; 
b)    alter, modify or otherwise change that content in any manner the Department desires; 
c)    combine that content with textual matter and/or with other pictures and/or media; and 
d)    use the content for illustration, promotion, art, editorial, advertising, trade, publishing, or any other purpose whatsoever,

for the Project.

By my signature here I understand that I will, to the best of my ability, adhere to the schedule agreed to prior to the beginning of my child’s engagement. Additionally, I agree, to the best of my ability, to make my child available should it be necessary, to re-record their voice and/or record voice-overs and otherwise perform any necessary sound work required after the end of filming (if relevant). Should my child not be able to perform such sound work, I understand that the Department may enter into agreement with another person to re-record my child’s dialogue and/or record voice-overs and use this sound work over my child’s picture or however they deem appropriate.

I warrant that I am the parent or legal guardian of the above named child and that there are no restrictions that prevent my child from participating in the Project or any restrictions that prevent me from agreeing to these terms, and that the consent of no other person is required to enable the Department to make and exploit content captured as a part of the Project. I release and indemnify the Department, its assignees, and licensees from and against any claims arising from any breach of this warranty.


I certify and represent that I have read the foregoing and fully understand the meaning and effect; and (please select one of the following):

Permission to publish
I have emailed the program coordinators at Drama to confirm this.

Please note that participation in the program is not dependent on granting permission to publish (talent release).

Sign above