Vocal Ensembles - application form

Applications are now closed!

Auditions for the Vocal Ensembles will be held live on Tuesday 6 December and Sunday 11 December at The Arts Unit, Lewisham Public School

The NSW public schools vocal ensembles program has two choirs available to NSW public school students in 2023:

  • The NSW Public Schools Junior Singers (Years 4 to 8)
  • The NSW Public Schools Singers (Years 8 to 12)

Both these ensembles have the same application and audition process.

Application process

  1. Complete the web form application below. 
  2. Download and print the sheet music for the set audition excerpt ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’.
  3. Download the teaching track to help you learn the song accurately.
  4. Practise the set audition excerpt ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’. Note, tenors and basses should sing the excerpt in a vocally comfortable octave (in the written key).
  5. You will be emailed your audition time on Tuesday 29 November.

Audition resources

Audition requirements

  • In the live audition, you will be given some range exercises (eg. scales / arpeggios)
  • You will need to sing the set piece "Wild Mountian Thyme" twice - once with piano accompaniment, and once a cappella (unaccompanied)
  • Students auditioning for the senior ensemble (years 8 - 12) will be given some simple sight-reading.


The annual membership fees for 2023 are $300 per ensemble plus $45 for a performance shirt.

Contact details

Should you have any queries, please contact us at concerts.artsunit@det.nsw.edu.au

Student details

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Student background information

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Voice information

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Online endorsement

I understand that I must gain approval from a parent/guardian as well as my school principal to participate in the 2023 NSW public schools vocal ensembles should I be successful in my audition.