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Western NSW Rock Camp is a residential camp for Years 6 to 12 public school students from rural NSW with an interest in music.  The camp provides the opportunity for students to learn and perform with other like-minded students as they work with teachers and professional musicians on techniques and skills to enhance their musical and vocal ability. Instruments to nominate for are electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard, acoustic guitar and vocalist.

Nominations are now closed.

    2023 dates

    Sunday 30 April to Friday 5 May (Term 2 Week 2)


    Nominations not open yet.

    1. Ensure you check the information you submit carefully, especially your or parent's email address, as this is our main form of communication with you. 
    2. Ensure you have attached your audition video link in the nomination form.  How to upload footage to YouTube (PDF, 323.25 KB)
    3. Please state your name, school and which part you are auditioning for at the beginning of the video.
    4. You can audition for more than one instrument. 
    5. Once you have completed the online nomination form, you will receive an email either offering you a position at Western Rock Camp or placing you on the waiting list.

    COVID-19 notice

    The operation of this program is contingent on advice provided by the NSW Department of Education in consultation with NSW Health. All activities will adhere to the DoE COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.

    Visit the COVID-19 and public schools in NSW web page for more information.


    Di Reichelt
    Arts Coordination Officer
    Dubbo Education Office
    Liesel Meers


    Ridgecrest Convention Centre
    621 The Cir Road
    Mumbil NSW 2820

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