Cherry Jam

Region: Rural South and West | Young
Kindergarten to Year 12
Local arts program Dance Drama Music
Tags: Choral music

Cherry Jam is a biennial 2 day performing arts festival showcasing the talents of public school students from in and around Young NSW.   

Students from Kindergarten to Year 12 take to the stage in a celebration of music and dance. The festival offers the opportunities for schools to collaborate on combined items including a combined choir and band.

In an effort to provide a COVID-19 safe event whilst still maintaining maximum participation, the finale this year will include students from all of the schools in a combined performance which will be pre-recorded as a video and showcased on the night. 

The final night performance will also be live-streamed to enable more parents and members of the community to witness the creative arts efforts of our students from the Hilltops public schools.


It is anticipated that the Cherry Jam Festival will be held in Term 3 Week 2 2025.  

Applications and information for the Festival will be available to schools in late Term 1 2025.


Nyree Job
Sue Dawson
Arts Coordination Officer
0402 992 897
Cheryl Walker
Arts Coordination Officer
Wagga Wagga
0428 550 202


Young North Public School
50 William Street
Young NSW 2594

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