Junior Premier's Spelling Bee

Year 3 and 4

The Premier’s Spelling Bee was introduced in 2004 as a fun and educational way for NSW public primary school students to engage in spelling. The program includes activities to encourage all students to improve their vocabulary and spelling and to promote literacy skills in combination with the English K-6 Syllabus.

Junior 2019 junior winner and runner up

Key dates in 2022

  • Enrolment for public primary schools: Wednesday 27 April to Friday 1 July 2022 (Term 2)
  • Regional names deadline: Term 3 Week 3
  • Online regional finals: Monday 29 August to Friday 9 September 2022 (Term 3 Weeks 7 and 8)
  • State finals: Term 4 (dates TBC)

Note: The wordlist password will be available upon Principal approval.

The NSW Premier’s Spelling Bee 2022 Junior Wordlist is for your personal use only. No part of this wordlist covered by copyright may be reproduced, copied, shared or made available on the internet, via email, on an intranet, or by any other means without written permission of the publisher. Copyright © Macquarie Dictionary Publishers 2022 | macquariedictionary.com.au

2022 Premier's Spelling Bee poster

Schools can download, print and project the the following 2022 poster for use.

We thank Moulamein Public School and Tarlia McGlashan for permission to use Tarlia’s vibrant 2021 Operation Art entry, 'You are my Sunshine.

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