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What is the Spectacular Schools - Inspired Digital Showcase?

The Spectacular Schools - Inspired digital showcase aims to exhibit the incredible talents of our NSW public school students from Kindergarten to Year 12 in a connected, inclusive, digital forum.

Cutting edge artistry, boundless creativity and excellence in the arts is what this showcase is all about. We welcome any contribution that your school has to this collective celebration.


Damien McCabe
Student Performance and Events Officer
The Arts Unit
Schools Spectacular
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Schools Spectacular

How can I be a part of the Spectacular Schools – Inspired Digital Showcase?

The theme for Spectacular Schools 2021 is 'Inspired'. Submissions must link to this theme.

Who can get involved?

  • Any NSW public school may submit an entry.
  • Schools may submit as many entries as they like.

How can you get involved?

  1. Schools post their creative work on their school website and/or Facebook page. Include the text 'We are excited to be submitting work for the Spectacular Schools – Inspired digital showcase.' in your post with your creative work.
  2. Complete the Spectacular Schools - Inspired webform to submit your creative work. This should be filled out by the organising teacher (or school staff member) for and on behalf of their school.
  3. The Spectacular Schools - Inspired team will consider your creative work for selection in the digital showcase - 'Be Inspired'.

Time limit

The maximum time for each submission is 4 minutes.

Video and recording tips

For support with recording and editing, watch the filmmaking Arts Bites video series and How to film your drama ensemble.

A dance rehearsal for Schools Spectacular.

What can you submit?

Schools can submit any exciting work around the theme 'inspired' that showcases your students’ creativity. This may include:

  • a dance
  • work of art
  • short play
  • short film
  • original song
  • instrumental music piece
  • speech
  • slam poem
  • circus art
  • Auslan signing
  • puppet piece
  • digital graphics
  • any other work that you can imagine​​​​​.

When can you get involved?

Applications will be open from Monday 1 November 2021 to Monday 4 April 2022.

Any individual school is welcome to submit work in response to the theme 'Inspired' within this time.


School submission advice


The department requires all school websites to meet WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards. Amongst other things, this means your videos should be captioned. Brightcove is introducing a new service (late November 2021) that will allow schools to caption their videos automatically from within the Brightcove platform – at no extra cost to schools!

You will be advised when this new feature is made available to all.

COVID-19 guidelines

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are following the current COVID-19 guidelines for all work associated with this project.


The content you create should be original and not contain any third-party material unless you have permission from the copyright owner.

However, schools are allowed to perform musical works or use sound recordings in their submissions under the permissions extended to all schools under the School Event Licence. There are some conditions to this use. The music must not be a Grand Right Work and must not be arranged, debased, remixed, and so on.

You must also display the following information and notice in your recording:

  • the title
  • the composer/arranger
  • the artist and recording company (if you are using a backing track).

This recording has been made under a licence from AMCOS and ARIA for school purposes only.

Please place these music credits along with the AMCOS/ARIA notice at the end of your recording. For more information, please refer to the School Event Licence on Smartcopying's website.