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Legacy Public Speaking 2020 – promo

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LAWRENCE WRIGHT: Legacy was founded 100 years ago to look after the families of those soldiers who were killed, or died subsequently, as a result of their service. Since that time, Legacy has looked after the services' families of all those who fought operationally since that time. The highest pledge that Legacy made was to look after the children, to see that they were not disadvantaged as a result of the deaths of their fathers in service.

They'd look after the children in the home, when they are at school, and even into their tertiary years. The Legacy Public Speaking Awards bring out the best in these children, and we encourage them to think for themselves, to research their work, and to speak strongly in favour of their ambitions and the best things for their country.

JANET DIBA: I'm Janet Diba and I'm the 2018 Legacy Public Speaking Junior Champion. I believe that this opportunity is something that everybody should partake in. This is because you build a multitude of skills, such as your own rhetoric skills, analysis skills, and to build a lot of different perceptions of the world by listening and interpreting other people's speeches. I have met many new people. And, through this, I have built a better world view.

MEGAN WANG: Hi, I'm Megan Wang, and I participated in Legacy in 2018. I feel really privileged to be given the opportunity by Legacy to have a platform to speak my ideas, and to be able to have an audience listen to it. Despite the stress that comes from public speaking, it's been really interesting, and really eye-opening, to meet with people from different states, and just to talk about what we have in common.

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