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Being a part of band it's one of the best feelings ever, I've got to say.

- School wouldn't be school without music.

- Music is my basis for expressing myself.

- I procrastinate a lot, so I always need somebody depending on me or somebody that I know I don't want to let down. So having this band that I'm friends with everybody in this band. I genuinely love these people that I perform with, and I don't want to let them down.

The rural towns of very much driven by agriculture and the older generations and stuff so it gives us something to do, which makes it even more enjoyable because it's focused on us and our achievements.

As the kids have mentioned, we don't get the opportunities in regional New South. We just don't have the population to. more programmes and more bits and pieces that will help the students develop to their full potential Yeah

We can't do what they do. It's like no we can like we can kind of envisioned ourselves where they are and see what they're doing and be like nah we can do that as well. It's like not just, for. I'd never performed on such a large scale. We've never really had people come and interact with us while we're performing. So it was really it was really amazing to have that interaction with other performers

Watching them while I was driving the bus sitting up and watching them in the background they're all just talking and making jokes and the connections that they make in those non formalised events are super important. And whether they know it or not, this will be something they remember for the rest of their lives.

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