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Defining a high school debating topic – 04. With Guy Suttner

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GUY SUTTNER: Hey, everyone. My name is Guy. Today we're going to be doing a definition for the topic that we should ban all ads for unhealthy things. So, when making this definition, there's three things that we have to think about. Firstly, where? Secondly, what are the details? And thirdly, when?

Let's firstly discuss where. I think it's quite clear that this policy is going to occur in all of Australia because if we were to limit it to only New South Wales, then we'd be allowing this big problem to occur in all the other states. So, it has to be Australia.

The next question is what are the details? Well, what types of food are we talking about? These are probably things like Coca Cola, fried chicken, Big Macs, and so on.

The next question is what types of advertising? These are probably things like billboards, like television ads, and internet ads before, for example, a YouTube video. However, we probably do have to create an exception for advertising within stores. So for example, if you go to a McDonald's, they still probably should be allowed to, for example, display their items and prices above the counter.

The last question is when. Now, we could do this immediately. However, it would hurt companies a lot because they've already spent a lot of money buying advertisements on TV or other places. So, it probably makes sense to give them a bit of time. For example, a month.

We will now be doing a first speaker introduction and definition for this topic. So, ladies and gentlemen, there is a massive problem. All across Australia, people are being tricked into eating unhealthy food and it is really hurting their health and their lifestyle. And so, we are here to argue that we need to ban advertising for unhealthy things.

What is our definition? We'll be defining unhealthy things such as Big Macs, Cokes, fried chicken, and other types of unhealthy foods. The types of advertising we'll be banning are things such as television ads, billboards, and internet ads. However, there will be an exception for advertising within the company's own stores. So, for example, the ads above a McDonald's counter.

This ban will become in effect in one month's time to give companies some time to prepare for the change. And lastly, this is going to occur in all of Australia to ensure that we can address the problem.

That was an example of an introduction and definition. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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