Join the circus – 08. Circus skills – hoops

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Transcript – Join the circus – 08. Circus skills – hoops

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MARIANNE: That is fantastic, Hallie and Holly. You guys are both in Year 7?


MARIANNE: How long have you been doing Hula Hoop for?

HALLIE: About a year. Started in Year 6, yep.

MARIANNE: And, how long?

HOLLY: About the same.

MARIANNE: That's sounds fantastic. Now, you guys are both actually, circus trainers now, which I think's really exciting. So, it's not just that you're learning from the teachers. You're passing on the skills. So, can you just tell me a little bit about the levels of Hula Hoop, and the way that you help kids to learn the skills?

Could you demonstrate for me - I might get out of the way - could you demonstrate for me what would be like a Level 1 hooping skill. Fantastic. And, what would a Level 2 hooping skill be? Something? Yeah, still looks fantastic. What about Level 3? Is that when waisting comes in?

HALLIE: [inaudible]

MARIANNE: OK? Show us a bit of waisting.

HALLIE: [inaudible]

MARIANNE: Wow. Can you bring it up? Not when you're laughing. Yeah, fantastic. That's brilliant. So, you can bring it down, and then you can bring it up.

And then, what will be a Level 5 or 6? What are the really tricky skills, harder than waisting?

HALLIE: [inaudible]

MARIANNE: Can you say that again?

HALLIE: I think Level 6 is about connecting the skills - so, the skills you've learned up to Level 5 - and, you start to join them to create a routine. So, making them harder. Yeah.

MARIANNE: Fantastic. So, do you want to just show the thing that you did at the start. That was a routine.

HALLIE: That was like a combination.

MARIANNE: A combination. Just show us now, just to finish off, can just show us a routine, yeah?

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