Secondary drama
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A theoretical and practical approach to developing characters in performance.


Art Bites – videos


Build engaging characters through role play and improvisation using voice, body and dialogue.


Learn about the dramatic form of Melodrama and how to act in style and with large emotions and gestures.

Melodrama – characters and performance

Stock characters are an integral part of melodrama. In the third video of the characterisation series, Jane Simmons introduces you to stock characters and delivers you a script to work with at home.

Creating characters using forms of movement and status

In this episode we will learn about observation skills as actors. We then explore status and how to use movement to play high and low status characters.

Laban Movement Analysis

In this episode we will explore the movement theories of Rudolph Laban in a drama context and create interesting and fun characters using Laban’s techniques.

Leading body parts

In this episode we continue our characterisation movement series by playing with how leading with different parts of the body affect character, meaning and voice.

Exploring characters

Using the theories of acting practitioner Jacques Lecoq, this Art Bite explores how the natural world influences characterisation with fun practical activities

Internal influences

Explore the emergence of Realism as an art form, what influenced it and how acting practitioner Konstanin Stanislavski revolutionised acting technique. Practical activities included.

Developing characters using objectives, throughline and tactics

Learn about and explore the character's intentions and how to use tactics to overcome obstacles in achieving your intentions in a scene.

Konstantin Stanislavski fundamental questions

In this episode we explore Stanislavski's fundamental  questions and given circumstances.