All Ability Arts

Kindergarten to Year 12 students with disability

Throughout the year, the All Ability Arts program provides teachers and students of all ages and abilities with teaching, learning and performance opportunities in areas such as music, dance, visual arts, public speaking, film and drama for or to support students with disability. 

student holding a red plane made from cardboard

Connections Showcase 

This annual showcase is an opportunity to celebrate the creativity of our NSW public school students with disability. Showcase submissions are open to students in Kindergarten to Year 12 who are interested in creative practices such as music, dance, visual arts, public speaking, film and drama. The creative and performing arts projects can be completed by schools, classes or individual students. Submissions are then compiled into a digital showcase celebrating the creativity of our NSW public school students with disability.

Announcing the 2024 theme – This is Me!

This is Me. 2024 Connections Showcase


The theme can be interpreted in any way you like and applied to any creative and performing arts projects you and your students focus on throughout the year. 

Submissions for the Connections 2024 showcase are now open!
Closing date 15 August

Be inspired by previous Connections Showcases.

Dance professional learning for teachers of students with disability

Dance for teachers of students with disability is a 2-day workshop for teachers consisting of seminars and practical activities aimed at developing skills in teaching dance and engaging students with additional learning needs. The program is open to teachers from both NSW public and non-government schools. Sessions are facilitated by industry professionals and Department of Education teachers with specialised skills. Visit Dance professional learning for teachers of students with disability to find out more and participate.

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Workshop dates and times: Thursday 25 and Friday 26 July, 9 am to 4:00 pm

Teachers dancing in a circle participating in the 2021 Inclusive dance workshop for teachers.


Shining Stars

Shining Stars provides opportunities for students in Metro South and West Metropolitan South including Campbelltown to engage in a relevant and meaningful arts education that caters to the needs, interests and abilities of each student. Students develop knowledge of the creative arts curriculum, life skills, performance skills and confidence as they explore creative and performing arts.

Key benefits:

  • Holistic growth: Nurture life skills, enhance performance abilities, and boost self-confidence through creative and performing arts.
  • Dynamic workshops: Engage in diverse workshops to refine creative skills and let your talents shine.
  • Forge friendships: Build meaningful connections with peers, extending beyond the program.

Professional learning

Shining Stars also provides professional learning opportunities for teachers and School Learning Support Officers (SLSO) who are interested in developing their skills in creative arts education and in learning how to use and teach dance, drama, music and visual arts effectively in the classroom to support students.

Creative arts digital teaching resources for students with disability

Are you looking for some fun and accessible creative arts lessons for students with a range of disability in your classroom? Look no further, we have you covered! The Arts Unit delivers professional learning and student workshops, as well as partnering with organisations such as Art Gallery of NSW to provide teaching resources, starting points and inspiration. Explore our range of online teaching resources for students with disability. These are perfect for teachers and carers to give wonderful creative learning opportunities for students.


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All Arts Units programs are inclusive. If support is required to participate in the All Ability Arts program, please email so we can assist.