Defining a high school debating topic

Secondary debating
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Students discuss the process of defining a previous speaking competitions' high school debating topic.

Tony Davey

Art Bites – videos

with Elinor Stephenson

This week's topic: 'That we should punish sports clubs for the off-field behaviour of their players.'

with Maja Vasic

This week Maja Vasic defines the high school topic “That we should never allow people under 18 to use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.” (Hint: try writing your own definition for that topic before watching and then see how you compare to a great coach!)

with Hugh Bartley

This week Hugh Bartley defines the topic: 'That the casts of Australian films and TV shows should be required to reflect the racial diversity of the population.'

with Guy Suttner

This week Guy looks at the topic 'That we should ban all ads for unhealthy things'.

with Indigo Crosweller

This week Indigo preps for the debate 'That we should have quotas for women in parliament'.

with Tony Davey

This week we chat through the set-up for the topic 'That all under-12s sporting teams should be mixed gender'.

with Sarah Jackson

This week Sarah runs through the popular 2019 topic 'That we should ban all technology from the classroom'.

with Hugh Bartley

This week Hugh sets up the topic 'That we should have mandatory parenting classes for all new parents'.