Defining a primary school debating topic

Years 3 to 6
Art Bites Creative Teachers Literature and language arts
Tags: Debating

Students discuss the process of defining a previous speaking competitions' primary school debating topic.


Art Bites – videos

with Hugh Bartley

This week's primary topic: 'That every class should adopt a dog or a cat as class pet.'

with Indigo Crosweller

This week Indigo Crosweller defines the primary topic: 'That teachers should have to participate in all school sport and exercise classes just like students' (Hint: try writing your own definition for that topic before watching and then see how you compare to a great coach!)

with Alex De Araujo

Alex De Araujo defines the primary school topic: 'That parents should pay their kids whenever they help out around the house'.

with Guy Suttner and Ainsley Halbmeijer

This week Guy looks at the primary school topic 'That we should ban all ads for unhealthy things' and then Ainsley workshops the high school topic 'That the voting age should be lowered to 16'

with Emily Kim

This week Emily tackles the topic 'That all homework and assignments should be done as groupwork'.

with Indigo Crosweller

This week Indigo thinks through the tricky topic 'That schools should reward students whose grades improve with vouchers for McDonalds or KFC'.

with Kate Jackson

This week Kate helps us define 'That we should ban people under 18 from playing online games like Fortnite'.

with Anna-Sophia Zahar

This week Anna-Sophia helps us set up for the topic: 'That kids in Year 5 and above should have to get a paid job for one afternoon a week'.

with Elinor Stephenson

This week Elinor helps us set up for the topic 'That all afternoon sessions in primary school should be dedicated to creativity and arts'.