Primary school debate club

Upper primary debating
Art Bites Literature and language arts
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Useful frameworks for writing, developing and presenting an argument.

Tony Davey and Hugh Bartley

Art Bites – videos

Basic rules and instructions

Explore the steps for running a debate.


This week, we will discuss what great 'manner' looks like in a debate. Remember, you can email Tony with any questions!


We look at the simple steps to presenting a debating argument. Remember, you can always email us with any questions!


This week we look at some easy steps to help you write and deliver smashing rebuttal. Remember, email us with any suggestions or questions!

Responsibility debates

This week we argue about just how responsible primary school kids are. Email us if you'd like to follow something up!

Preparing your case

This week we work through some plans to prepare a debate in just one hour! Email us at if you'd like some more advice!


This week talk about characterisation in debating, and answer the question 'Who would win out of a spoon-wielding whale and a caterpillar in a helicopter?'


This week take a close look at how the affirmative should define a topic and how the negative should react.


This week Hugh looks at how to win debates by explaining mechanisms, and we answer the question 'Why? WHY? WHY?!?!'