Big battles

Years 3 and 4 drama, music and visual arts
Creative Class Drama Music Visual arts
Tags: Percussion, Voice

Respond to a stimulus using music and visual arts.

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Learning intentions

  • learn a rhyme
  • use body percussion to create rhythms
  • create artworks using the rhyme as stimulus
  • use creative writing to create a recount of the rhyme.


Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus


  • DRAS2.1 - Takes on and sustains roles in a variety of drama forms to express meaning in a wide range of imagined situations. 


  • MUS2.1 - Sings, plays and moves to a range of music, demonstrating a basic knowledge of musical concepts. 

Visual Arts

  • VA2.1 - Represents the qualities of experiences and things that are interesting or beautiful* by choosing among aspects of subject matter. 
  • VAS2.2 - Uses the forms to suggest the qualities of subject matter. 

* ‘Beautiful’ within this outcome does not simply mean ‘pretty’ but rather something that excites and arouses awe, wonder, fascination and delight 

English K-10 Syllabus
  • EN2-2a - plans, composes and reviews a range of texts that are more demanding in terms of topic, audience and language