Examining an artist’s practice

Year 11 and 12 visual arts
Creative Class Visual arts

Examining the link between the artist’s world and their practice.

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Learning intentions

This resource is designed to support Stage 6 visual arts students examining the link between the artist’s world and their practice by investigating unseen art works.

Students will explore one of Lachlan Warner’s sculptural artworks and examine its relationship with his spirituality and practice. They will respond to questions about the relationship between the artist, his artwork and his world.

Your students will:

  • watch the videos and record notes
  • analyse the relationship between Lachlan Warner’s artworks, artmaking practice and his view of the world
  • apply their understanding and express a point of view in short written responses
  • refine written responses based on teacher feedback.
In a white room, an eclectically-dressed man in polka dots and ripped fish-net stockings on one end of a sofa, a topless person doing a headstand on the other end, and a person lying on the floor with a large round brown shaggy mat over their face and torso. An old TV on a crate.