Finding your frame

Years 9 and 10 visual arts
Creative Class Visual arts

Developing a concept by making artworks from found objects

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James Powditch

Learning intentions

This resource is designed to support Stage 5 Visual arts students exploring artmaking practice and the conceptual framework.

Your students will:

  • investigate how artist James Powditch assembles found objects to create artworks inspired by his love of film
  • experiment with found object to express their own conceptual focus
  • make a found object artwork
  • share their artwork with an audience and reflect on their response.

This lesson can be adapted by teachers to explore the conceptual and postmodern frames as well as artmaking practice with Stage 5 and Year 11

Teachers could undertake formative and/or summative assessment of the found object artwork made in this lesson. This lesson can be delivered remotely or in the classroom, depending on access to materials.