Introduced Species

Years 11 and 12 music
Creative Class Music
Tags: Composing and arranging

Discover contemporary orchestral composition through 'Introduced Species' by Katy Abbott

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Katy Abbott in front of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Learning intentions

In Lesson 1, your students will:

  • listen and understand how the stimuli have influenced the role of the composer, conductor and performers/instruments in taking a piece of music from its stimulus to performance
  • analyse the context of 'Introduced Species' through the narrative of sound, exploring concepts of home, place, connection and human nature
  • reflect on their responses.

In Lesson 2, your students will:

  • listen to each of the themes in 'Introduces Species' 
  • analyse each of the themes and describe how the composer used the concepts of music to achieve the appropriate effects
  • reflect on 'Introduced Species' and how it represents their chosen topic of study.

In Lesson 3, your students will:

  • reflect on their observations of 'Introduced Species' and responses to Lesson 1 (Interviews) and Lesson 2 (Themes)
  • plan their own composition
  • compose themes and structure a work
  • record and edit their own work where needed.