Let's Fosse!

Years 7 to 10 dance
Creative Class Dance

Perform and appreciate the iconic Fosse style.

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Dancers of the Dance Off Troupe performing the routine All That Fosse from the 2019 State Dance Festival

Learning intentions

Let’s Fosse is a jazz dance tutorial that is designed for students in Stage 4 and 5 Dance. Students will develop knowledge, skills and understanding of the Fosse dance style.

Your students will:

  • explore dance technique and the elements of dance as influenced by performance and theatrical style
  • perform dances with increasing confidence, communicating the intention of the choreographer
  • apply the elements of space, time and dynamics to dance performance to personalise dance movement
  • differentiate and make connections between the social and historical contexts of dance and the development of style.


Dance 7-10 Syllabus

Stage 4

  • 4.1.3: demonstrates an understanding of aspects of performance quality through the performance of locomotor and non-locomotor combinations, sequences and dances.
  • 4.3.1: describes dance performances through the elements of dance.
  • 4.3.2: identifies that dance works of art express ideas.

Stage 5

  • 5.1.3: demonstrates an understanding and application of aspects of performance quality and interpretation through performance.
  • 5.3.1: describes and analyses dance as the communication of ideas within a context.
  • 5.3.3: applies understandings and experiences drawn from their own work and dance works of art.