The Wild West

Kindergarten to Year 2 dance and visual arts
Authored by Heather Williams
Creative Class Dance Visual arts
Tags: Connections Program, Disability

Explore the Wild West through creative arts.

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Learning intentions

  • Warm up with simple movement combinations 
  • Explore the basic elements of dance; actions of the body, dynamic qualities of movement, timing, special aspects and relationships. 
  • Follow instructions to learn a new dance 
  • Perform the Howdy Partner Dance
  • Warm up with simple movement combinations and counting to 100
  • Listen and clap along to the beat of Ghost Riders in the Sky
  • Perform the Howdy Partner Dance to a faster piece of music
  • Follow, dance and sing along to the Cowboy Dance Song
  • Explore the colours and shapes of a sunset
  • Create an artwork of a wild west landscape.


NSW Creative Arts K - 6 Syllabus
  • DAES 1.1 – Participates in dance activities and demonstrates an awareness of body parts, control over movement and expressive qualities.  
  • DAES 1.2 – Explores movement in response to a stimulus  
  • DAES 1.7 – Performs simple dance sequences incorporating basic movement skills and patterns.
  • DAES 2.7 - Performs familiar movement patterns in a variety of dance situations.
  • VAES1.1 – Makes simple pictures and other kinds of artworks about things and experiences.