Working effectively in the entertainment industry

Years 11 and 12 VET entertainment
Creative Class VET

Develop skills and knowledge required to work effectively in the entertainment industry.

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Learning intentions

  • explore the entertainment industry context
  • explore elements of industry employment
  • discuss legislative requirements for the entertainment industry  
  • explore specific roles within the entertainment industry
  • identify personal attributes and skills required for effective work practices
  • discuss emerging technology in the entertainment industry
  • explore effective workplace communication, teamwork and inclusion
  • discuss conflict management.


Entertainment Industry Curriculum Framework - Stage 6 Syllabus

The student will:

  • examines the nature of the entertainment industry
  • demonstrates an understanding of working in the entertainment industry
  • explains how to communicate and work effectively with others in an entertainment industry workplace
  • applies entertainment industry and workplace standards to ensure quality work outcomes
  • explores how misunderstanding and conflict may be avoided or effectively managed in a range of situations common to entertainment work environments.