The Beauty Of 8

With Taikoz
Creative Resource Dance Music

The Beauty Of 8 eResource gives insight into a fusion of Australian and Japanese cultures and rhythm. The end product is an exciting and dynamic artform that appeals to all ages. “Taikoz is at once meditative and free-spirited, primal and dramatic.” This eResource encourages students and teachers to observe, listen, perform and compose using ancient aural traditions alongside more modern scores.

Traditionally, taiko is for males to perform. Throughout The Beauty Of 8 you will see how taiko has evolved into a new, elegant, choreographed artform for both men and women, at the hands of Chieko Kojima and Taikoz.

As well as extensive concert footage, there are attachments that allow students to delve further into topics such as: taiko instruments, instrument makers, Taikoz artists, tech specs (lighting and staging), dance, traditional roles of Japanese music, artistic collaborations, musical inspiration and general background.

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Chieko Kojima drumming a large taiko (drum) during a performance of The Beauty Of 8