Great Lakes and Greater Taree Music Workshops

Region: Regional North and West | Forster
Years 3 to 10
Local arts program Public schools Music

The Great Lakes and Greater Taree Music Workshops invite students from government schools from Years 3 to 10 to participate in four workshop sessions. The workshops include section rehearsal, ensemble work and a performance opportunity. The workshops will cater for beginners as well as more experience players. The beginners will be supported with section practice whereas the more experienced players will work separately from the beginners in an ensemble situation. The material covered will reflect the experience level.  

The workshops will also include a guitar stream. Students who play chords, read tablature, play bass and/or lead are encouraged to attend. This stream is not open to beginners as a basic knowledge of chords and the skill of moving between chord quickly is recommended.

At the end of the workshops all participates will perform as a combined ensemble. Students are encouraged to enroll in all four workshops however, in some cases, after consultation, enrolling in individual workshops may be an option. 

2022 - 2023 dates

Three one-day workshops will run, with one in Term 3 and 4 2022 and another in Term 1 of 2023.

The fourth workshop will run for two days in Term 2 2023 and end with a concert.  

Workshop dates are yet to be finalised however the aim is for a mid-term date in each case.

How to apply

Information will be available in Term 2 2022. 

COVID-19 notice

The operation of this program is contingent on advice provided by the NSW Department of Education in consultation with NSW Health. All activities will adhere to the DoE COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.

Visit the COVID-19 and public schools in NSW web page for more information.


Kerri Knight
Simon Kermode
Arts Coordination Officer
Coffs Harbour


Club Forster
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Forster NSW 2428

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