Frantic Assembly masterclasses

Drama teachers

In 2023 The Arts Unit are thrilled to present a series of teacher professional development workshops around the state with the award winning UK company Frantic Assembly.


Frantic Assembly are world leaders in devised and collaborative theatre. Based in London, these expert practitioners have the opportunity to visit and conduct bespoke workshops to teachers at The Arts Unit, Department of Education NSW. This opportunity is rarely available outside of London and we are privileged to host them in the first week of May, 2023.

The accessibility of the Frantic method has empowered and inspired people to participate, educate, collaborate and make thrilling work. 

The Frantic method of devising liberates creative potential and builds confidence in performers, students and teachers. These methods of devising and physicality are taught widely in schools, colleges and universities. Frantic Assembly are the company behind the Tony Award nominated choreography in Broadway's 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time'. 

Workshop details

In these workshops delivered by two professional practitioners from Frantic Assembly, participants will learn:

  • How to create new material with students using physical approaches
  • How to generate warm ups and exercises to promote active engagement in the creation process.
  • Promotes physical confidence to be bold and brave in creating material
  • Learn collaborative devising processes for all ages. 
  • Suitable for primary teachers as well as dance and drama teachers.  


  • If you are new to the Frantic method or have some experience and would like a refresher, this is the course for you. Warm ups, devising methods and using movement to engage and create are the fundamentals of this course.


  • For those who have experience in this method and have been using it in the classroom effectively already, this course is for you. Step up your practice by challenging yourself to take the next level and create work using advanced methodology. If new to the Frantic method, you can do this course but it does require some physical interaction with a certain level of fitness. 

You might also like to combine days and do a refresher and then advanced course if available to you. 


All one-day courses. Lunch will be provided.

  • Monday 1 May: Newcastle (beginners/intermediate)
  • Wednesday 3 May: Coffs Harbour (beginners/intermediate)
  • Thursday 4 May: Sydney (beginners/intermediate), allocation now exhausted
  • Friday 5 May: Sydney (beginners/intermediate), allocation now exhausted
  • Saturday 6 May: Sydney (advanced), allocation now exhausted

Newcastle and Sydney courses will run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm with a one hour lunch break 

The Coffs Harbour course will run from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm with a half hour lunch break. 

If you wish to be added to the wait list for Thursday 4, Friday 5 or Saturday 6 May in Sydney please email

How to apply

Applications are now closed.


  • Newcastle - Hunter School of the Performing Arts
  • Coffs Harbour - Coffs Harbour Senior College
  • Sydney - The Arts Unit, Lewisham

Workshop cost

This program is open to teachers from both NSW public and non-government schools.

  • Department of Education schools -rural and remote: $260
  • Department of Education schools- metro/non-metro/regional: $350
  • Non-Government schools: $400

Payment from Department schools will be processed through a SAP intercompany journal prior to the workshop.

Payment from non-government schools and individuals can be made through the online Arts Unit teacher payment portal.

Contact details

Should you have any queries, please contact us at

Here’s what our participants said about the Frantic Assembly PD from our workshops in 2019?

  • I used it to build group skills in EALD classes in both all boys and then an all girls school. It was so effective in building confidence in students.
  • I have used this PD to create warm ups, units of work and performances for school celebrations
  • I actually used it right away with year 9. They created fantastic group performances. 
  • It helped with Group devised work, particularly when students hit a "roadblock" and needed activities to help redirect.
  • I used it across K–12 - the warmups especially, as they were great ways into playbuilding with "less inclined" students
  • I did some of the warm up activities with my after school drama classes (5–12yrs). The dancing and some of the physical ones were really helpful.
  • I immediately back in 2019 utilised it in our drama club and classroom drama with our entire Year 2. This year I've incorporated it into our Stage 1 and part of Stage 3 drama unit programs as well as drama club. 
  • I used this with my Year 2 students and shared it with the entire Stage 1 at my school. All of the teachers and students thoroughly enjoyed the drama program. We had 100% engagement with each of the activities as they were achievable for every student and so very different from what the students were expecting.
  • This year with my 5/6 class and the entire Stage 3 at BPS, we've again had 100% engagement during Term 2, with the students asking for more drama this term. It was amazing to see so many Stage 3 students becoming engrossed in the activities and the creativity that came out of our students was astounding!
  • All of my colleagues that I've shared these programs with love them. They have all benefited from the Frantic Assembly activities, as they are achievable, for both teachers so teach and students to participate in. The modern approach to bringing drama into our classrooms through movement and not simply reading a script is liberating.


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All Arts Unit programs are inclusive. If support is required to participate in the Frantic Assembly masterclasses, please email so that we can assist.