Stage Management Program


Dates for 2021 are coming soon.

This program is an excellent opportunity for teachers to develop high-level skills in stage management and the production of theatrical productions and events.

This professional development course will be facilitated by industry professionals and teachers from the Department of Education with specialised skills. Teachers who have attended this course in the past are encouraged to attend again as different experiences and workshops will be offered.

Please note that numbers for the program are limited.


About the program

The program will include workshops, seminars and practical activities. The combination of these activities will provide opportunities for networking with teachers and professional development. Attendees will also view a theatre performance as part of this experience.

Practical sessions will focus on:

  • Workplace Health and Safety Issues
  • Production Management and Operations for theatrical productions and events
  • Sound, Lighting design and staging for theatrical productions and events
  • Stage Management for theatrical productions and events

To gain accreditation teachers must complete the practical experience component of the program. This gives participants an opportunity to implement the skills developed at the workshop in a real-life setting. Participants nominate a school, regional or state education performance event in which they will be involved in the Stage Management team. The time and quality of involvement is assessed to ensure that it incorporates the appropriate level of involvement.

Numbers for the program are limited.

Participants from both metropolitan and non-metropolitan schools are invited to participate and the program is open to teachers from both government and non-government schools. Current school students are unable to enrol in this program.


Damien McCabe
Student Performance and Events Officer
The Arts Unit
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