The Wilkins Collection

Kindergarten to Year 12 students and teachers

A permanent collection of student artworks owned by NSW Department of Education and managed by The Arts Unit. Established in 1974, the collection includes artworks by significant Australian artists such as Jasper Knight and Benitta Bob.

The Department of Education purchases bodies of work from students exhibiting in ARTEXPRESS (the annual exhibition of Higher School Certificate Visual Arts bodies of work) to add to the collection.  View the recent acquisitions and the collection.

Wilkins portrait

About the collection

William Wilkins was the first head of the Department of Education in New South Wales. He arrived in Australia in 1851 and for the next 30 years was education’s leading figure, leaving an indelible legacy of vision and quality. In the early years of the new colony William Wilkins emphasised the value of drawing and visual arts in the education of New South Wales students. The collection was named in his honour in 1984.

Works have been collected since 1974 and exhibited in the William Wilkins Gallery in the office of the Department of Education.

They are also highly sought after to enhance the working environments of many government departments.