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Art Bites - Top tips for auditioning - 02. Live auditions

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VINCENT CLIFFORD-BARR: Hi, guys. Are you into dance, drama, or music? If you are, you probably do some live auditions sometimes. You know? Auditions at a place in front of actual people. So, here's some tips for how to nail those live auditions.

First up. Get the details right. Check and double check the time, date, and location. You might even want to do a practice run there in advance. You know, like a trip there before the actual day so you know exactly where you're going.

Think of it as kind of like a dress rehearsal for your audition. This means you won't get as stressed out on the day. So, you can be as calm and as mindful as you can possibly be.

Top tip Number 2. Be punctual. What this means is be on time, even early. Always allow time for unexpected delays. You know, things that might make you late. Traffic jams. "Move. I said move." Public transport? "Oh, man. The bus was supposed to be here 10 hours ago." Car parks. "That is my spot." Alien abductions . . .

So, just remember, everybody. Be punctual. Are you ready for top tip Number 3? Here it is.

Be cool. No, no. Not that kind of cool. I mean "grandma" cool. "Oh, hello dears. How wonderful to see you again. You've been such good boys and girls."

No, no, no. Let me explain. A live audition is kind of like your grandma's house. You can be yourself, but expect manners, and for you to be respectful. As soon as you walk into the venue where the audition's being held, it's already begun. They're checking you out to see if you're friendly, easy to work with, respectful, basically a good person.

You do not want to be one of those big stars that throws tantrums when they don't get what they want. Trust me. It is not a good look

Oh, thanks. "I did say no red M&Ms." Just joking.

Next tip. Auditions are scary. It's totally normal to have some nerves. But, always try to remember that the panel, that's the names of the people on the audition, they aren't judging you as a person. They want you to feel relaxed and comfortable in the room so you can give your best shot.

If you do need help controlling your nerves, try breathing and mindfulness to help you calm down. And, what I like to do is to get in touch with my inner Snoop Dogg.

And, here it is my final tip. In live additions, it's OK to make mihakes. "Can I go again?" OK. In live auditions it's omay to make . . . OK to make mihakes . . . again. In live auditions it's OK to make mistakes. Yes. OK.

The people in the audition, they aren't looking for all the stuff you can't do. They're looking for all the stuff you can do. They want you to have fun and see everyone at their best.

If you do make a mistake, just keep going. All the best actors, dancers, and musicians make mistakes. It's no dig beal. I mean big heel. You get it. Good luck.

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