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Art Bites - Top tips for auditioning - 04. Dance auditions

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ALEICIA CHIU: Hey! Do pirouettes really set you off?

AALIYAH DIZDAR: Do leaps get your adrenaline soaring?

ALEICIA CHIU: Do you get your kicks from high kicks?

AALIYAH DIZDAR: Then, these hot tips on how to do a great dance audition are for you.

ALEICIA CHIU: There are so many awesome opportunities at The Arts Unit, where you can develop your dance skills, and they're all so much fun. I've been a part of them since Year 2, and I can't get enough of it. How about you, Aaliyah?

AALIYAH DIZDAR: Yeah, I got into it for the first time this year, and I can't wait to do more.

ALEICIA CHIU: Let's get into our top dance audition tips. Tip Number 1. If you're doing a video audition, always make sure you're dancing in a clear, safe, and open space. The last thing you want to do is fall over furniture and injure yourself while trying to do a turning jeté or some fouettes. Trust me, I've actually done this before, and it doesn't end well.

AALIYAH DIZDAR: Yeah, me too. I was filming a dance audition at home doing Paris Cav choreography, and she does very intricate and cool stuff with her arms. And, I whacked my left arm on to the shelf and then on to my face, and it really hurt for the whole weekend.

ALEICIA CHIU: Ouch. You might even be able to film in your school hall or dance studio, but make sure you ask for permission first.

AALIYAH DIZDAR: Tip Number 2. Make sure that you show the style of dance that you are auditioning for. For example, if you are auditioning for tap, focus on listening to the music and your footwork.

ALEICIA CHIU: Likewise, if you're auditioning for a lyrical piece, don't throw sharp stabs and accents in there. Save those moments for a jazz piece. You always want to make sure that you're using the best dance moves appropriate to the dance style you're auditioning for.

AALIYAH DIZDAR: Now, you're probably thinking, what should I wear that makes me stand out? Which brings me to tip Number 3. Well, the best bit of advice I have for you is that you should always wear formfitting dancewear that suits the style of dance that you are auditioning for, and make it a bold colour. Maybe your favourite leotard, or red shorts over your tights, something that you will be remembered for. If you're doing a ballet audition, wear a leotard and a skirt, or tights and a shirt if you are a guy. While on the other hand, if you're doing a jazz audition, you could wear a leotard, or a singlet and tights.

ALEICIA CHIU: It goes without saying that you should also wear appropriate footwear, like ballet shoes or jazz shoes, or, you could always perform your audition in bare feet. I mean, you wouldn't want to do your audition in joggers, high heels, or boots, would you? It's about having the right gear to perform at your best.

Now, your hair. Tip Number 4. If you're anything like me, you probably love doing crazy things with your hair. But let's just say that crazy hair day is probably best left for school fundraising events, not for your dance audition.

AALIYAH DIZDAR: So, just like your clothing, your hair needs to be styled appropriately. The easiest thing to do is for your hair to be neat and tidy, in either a bun or tied back, so that all of your hair is off your face. That's for the girls and the guys. The audition panel wants to see your gorgeous face and feel your passion for dance through the wonderful emotions that you express.

ALEICIA CHIU: If you are auditioning in a live setting, it can be quite exhilarating. Here are some tips. Find a great space in the room, so you can be seen. Always learn the choreography yourself, and don't rely on the person in front of you. They may have a mental block and forget the dance. Put plenty of personal expression into your dancing so that you perform with confidence.

AALIYAH DIZDAR: Don't be afraid to put your hand up and ask questions if you need to check something. It's always better to present what you do know, rather than find something you don't.

ALEICIA CHIU: Now, let's talk about some top tips for how to film your dance audition. You want to make sure that when filming your audition, you have a camera set up on a flat surface, like a shelf, or a tripod, or even in a corner, so that the whole dance space and all of your movements can be seen. It's not going to show you off at your best if you can only see just your legs on screen, or you keep on dancing in and out of the screen, or if it's all shaky.

AALIYAH DIZDAR: It's always best to use a speaker when you film your dance audition, so that you get the best sound quality to motivate you, and the panel can see your dancing matching your music.

ALEICIA CHIU: Always allocate enough time for filming, as you don't want it to look rushed or messy. You don't want to leave everything to the last minute, because a million things can go wrong, like your internet breaking down, or the phone not having enough battery. One time, I almost missed a deadline completely, because I was so rushed.

AALIYAH DIZDAR: Our final tip. Everyone is going to feel those butterflies in their stomach, but just make sure to always relax. The best thing to do is to just breathe slowly, and calm down. You can't hold on to your breath and dance well. Your shoulders go up, and you look really tight and restricted. Let the breath out, and just enjoy the feeling of dancing.

ALEICIA CHIU: Just remember, always have fun, be confident, and just enjoy yourself, because your excitement, passion, energy, and love for dance will shine through in your audition.

AALIYAH DIZDAR: We hope all these tips have helped you to feel better prepared and ready for your next dance audition.

ALEICIA CHIU: Good luck.

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