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Art Bites - Top tips for auditioning - 05. Drama auditions

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[Intro music]

ARCHIE CLARK: Oh, hi, Rhys. What's up?

RHYS MCDONALD: Oh, hi, Archie. I'm trying to audition for something, but I don't know how, and it's really playing on my mind.

ARCHIE CLARK: Well, what are you auditioning for?


ARCHIE CLARK: I've heard there's so many ways that you can audition for drama. Would it help if I asked some experts to see if they have any tips for you?

RHYS MCDONALD: Sure, but who do you know in Armidale?

[Crickets chirping]

ARCHIE CLARK: Leave that to me. I'm a detective that knows someone who knows someone. Meet you back here in 5. Oh, JK, I hoped I might find you here. My muggle friend Rhys loves drama, and he's so talented, but he's never auditioned for anything. Do you think maybe you could give him some preparation tips for his audition?

RHYS MCDONALD: Well, look for a script in a style you enjoy and can really show off your skills. Really believe who you are, and remember who your character is talking to, and why. Don't over-complicate it.

ARCHIE CLARK: Wow, thanks, JK. That's such amazing advice. Now, he needs to do a live audition. Do you know any famous actors?

RHYS MCDONALD: Well, expelliarmus, my friend. It just so happens the mighty Chris Hemsworthy is just next door. Pop in and see him. He'll point you in the right direction. I'm off.

ARCHIE CLARK: Ah, first clue down. Now, I wonder if Chris will get my jokes. I'll tell you guys that one soon, but first, I need to find him. So, JK said to go this way, but . . .

RHYS MCDONALD: Sorry, mate, I'm right here.

ARCHIE CLARK: Ah, good day, Chris. You seem worthy enough for my time and questions for my friend, Rhys.

RHYS MCDONALD: Sure, mate, always happy to help a fellow actor. Aussie actor.

ARCHIE CLARK: Now, he needs to do a live audition. What advice have you got for him there?

RHYS MCDONALD: Yeah, no, yeah, yeah, if your character's asked to improvise, mate, stay in character and keep the story moving, mate. Remember who you're talking to, mate. Use proper language for the age level. ARCHIE CLARK: Ah, that's such amazing advice. Thanks. Now, he needs to find a director for some film audition tips. Do you know anyone?

RHYS MCDONALD: Crikey, do I know anyone? It just so happens the famous Stefan Spellburger is just next door. I'll get him for you.

ARCHIE CLARK: Ah, second clue down. Now, on to my joke. 3 men walk into a bar. The fourth one ducks. Really think about it. Once you get it, you get it.

RHYS MCDONALD: Cut, take 5, people.

ARCHIE CLARK: Excuse me, is that the real Mr. Spellburger?

RHYS MCDONALD: Sure is, son.

ARCHIE CLARK: Do you reckon I could talk to you for a minute?

RHYS MCDONALD: Sure, but make it quick.

ARCHIE CLARK: Do you think that you could give me some advice for my friend Rhys on a filmed audition?

RHYS MCDONALD: I always suggest if you're going to send a video clip, make sure your whole body can be seen in frame. The best shots can be at a mid-range level, so you can see hand actions and expressions. Yeah, amateurs, man. It's also good to put your camera somewhere where it will not be disturbed.

ARCHIE CLARK: Wow, thanks. Now, must my friend look at the camera or look away from the camera?

RHYS MCDONALD: Well, there are 2 options. If your character is meant to be speaking to someone else, maybe get a household member or class member to stand next to the camera and pretend to be the person you are speaking to. The second one is if you are a narrator speaking directly to the audience, you speak directly to the camera.

ARCHIE CLARK: Wow, thank you, Mr. Spellburger. That's an epic fact. That's probably the best advice yet. I can't wait to tell Rhys.


ARCHIE CLARK: Yo, third clue down. Now, talking about burgers, y'all want to hear a funny joke? Why did the burger go to the gym? To get some bigger buns.


Now, I can't wait to tell Rhys about the drama clues that I got. Hey, Rhys, Rhys, I think that I've got some amazing drama . . . amazing clues for your drama piece.

RHYS MCDONALD: Are you feeling OK? You don't seem yourself.

ARCHIE CLARK: Oh, yeah, I've been all around the world, but back to me now. So, I've spoken to writers, directors, actors all to get advice for your drama audition.


ARCHIE CLARK: It all started with JK Roll-along.


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