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Art Bites - Top tips for auditioning - 07. Vocal auditions

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ISABELLA LAGA'AIA (SINGING): You got a friend in me. You got a friend in me. Hi, Karl.

KARL VAN WEL: Wow, you sound awesome, Isabella. And, that's such a good song too.

ISABELLA LAGA'AIA: Thanks, I really love singing. It's my favourite thing ever.

KARL VAN WEL: Me too. I'm actually about to audition for one of the vocal programs at The Arts Unit. You should audition too.

ISABELLA LAGA'AIA: Well, that sounds like a good idea, but it sounds a bit scary. Have you auditioned before?

KARL VAN WEL: Yeah, it's so easy. You just need to make sure you're really prepared.

ISABELLA LAGA'AIA: But, what would I sing? I know so many songs. How would I choose just one or two?

KARL VAN WEL: Well, it's really important to choose a song that suits you, and shows off your best qualities as a singer. Choose a piece that's comfortable in your vocal range too, because you don't want to be struggling to get through your song by struggling to hit the high notes, or pushing yourself too hard. You want to be confident that you'll be able to perform the song really well on the day. So, remember that the panel would rather hear you sing a simple song beautifully, than a complex song less beautifully.

ISABELLA LAGA'AIA: Oh, ok. I saw my sister perform a song once, and she was so engaging. I was really captivated. She said she disappeared into her own world in that moment. I think when you audition, it's really important to show your expressions, rather than just standing there and looking bored while you sing. The whole point of performing is to tell a story of some kind, right? I'm sure the panel wants to see your personality, and how you express your feelings and tell your story.

KARL VAN WEL: Yeah, you're absolutely right. And, remember, practice makes perfect. So, make sure you practise lots, focusing particularly on pitch, and consider any improvements that you could make. You can always ask your teacher, or a friend, for feedback. Even if you're nervous about what they might say, it will help you improve. Also, remember to take good care of your voice because, I mean, there's no point in spending hours practising if you end up losing your voice, and then not being able to sing for your audition or your performance. I've been resting my voice and making sure I drink loads of water to get ready for my audition today.

ISABELLA LAGA'AIA: So, is your audition live, or is it a video audition?

KARL VAN WEL: It's live, which means I have to sing directly in front of the panel, which can be a little bit daunting.

ISABELLA LAGA'AIA: Remember that it's ok to be nervous. Everyone gets nervous. I find it really helps if I focus on my breathing, and just concentrate on performing my best.

KARL VAN WEL: And, I know that if you have to film your audition, you should make sure you place the camera in a position where you can easily be seen and heard. You could put your camera on a tripod, so it sits still, and don't cover the microphone.

ISABELLA LAGA'AIA: Yeah, for sure. Sometimes my backing track or accompaniment feels too loud, and I can't hear myself, or be heard clearly. It's so important to get the balance right and to have a nice, quiet place to film with no background noise, like the dog barking or someone doing the dishes. It's best to have it as quiet as possible, so the panel can focus on your spectacular voice.

KARL VAN WEL: And also, I know I've been guilty of this before, don't leave filming and submitting your video to the last minute. Even if you think you have loads of time to do it, there's no point in delaying. Uploading a 3-minute audition video is technically simple, once you know how to do it. But, when there's 5 minutes to go before it's due, things you didn't even know could go wrong will.

Your flawless WiFi will fail. The data used for your hot spots will vanish, or your non-existent dog will delete all the files from your computer. You think I'm joking, but that dog incident has happened to me on many occasions with important school assignments. So, just save yourself the stress and get it done in plenty of time.

ISABELLA LAGA'AIA: You're hilarious, Karl. I thought you had tadpoles. Back to the topic. Also, if your audition is live, make sure you know when and where it's being held, and allow plenty of time to get there, because the traffic will always be worse than you expect.

KARL VAN WEL: Yeah, speaking of which, I better run. My audition's in 10 minutes. Well, actually, I won't run. I'll walk quickly so I'm not puffed.

ISABELLA LAGA'AIA: Are you warmed up?

KARL VAN WEL: Yeah, of course. Look. (ROLLING LIP SOUNDS). Fly me to the moon.

ISABELLA LAGA'AIA: Good luck, Karl, and good luck to all of you too. Chookas.

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