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Art Bites - Top tips for auditioning - 08. Schools Spectacular auditions

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KAI LLOYD-JONES: Hi, Jaz. How's things in Wagga Wagga?

JAZMIN CASTLE: Pretty good. How's the weather up in Sydney?


JAZMIN CASTLE: So, you know almost everything about the Schools Spectacular, don't you?

KAI LLOYD-JONES: Yeah. Well, I know a few things. I was lucky enough to be a featured artist in 2018. I didn't realise how many opportunities there were that you could be a part of.

JAZMIN CASTLE: Oh, yeah. It's such an amazing show with over 5000 students in such a professional environment. The colours, the dancing, the drama, the music. It's just spectacular! And, it's for everyone, even the country kids like me. I loved being a featured artist. I remember seeing us together on TV.

KAI LLOYD-JONES: Oh, yeah! That was so much fun. We were so little. Look at us now!



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Let's get into top tips on how to have a great Schools Spectacular audition.

KAI LLOYD-JONES: Tip Number 1. You want your personality to be known as soon as you walk through the door, because from the second you walk into the waiting room, the audition has already started. Once you begin the audition, make sure to stay true to yourself and make the room a friendly environment for you and the panel.

Remember, the team making the show will be working with you all the time, and they are looking for someone who is passionate, committed, and easy to work with. So, make sure to make some friends and stand out. Also, the panel will be seeing hundreds of people, so make sure they remember you. Showing a good first impression is the best thing you can do.

JAZMIN CASTLE: Tip Number 2. The Spec team is always looking for unique talent, so never be afraid to show whatever it is you're performing, even if it's not the same as everyone else. It is the world's largest variety show.

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So, dare to be different. [chuckles]

KAI LLOYD-JONES: Tip Number 3. Make sure you have all the equipment you need. If you're a tap dancer, make sure to always have your taps with you. Or if you're a singer, make sure to bring a warm and healthy voice. I always sip tea to warm up my throat. And also, bring a really good . . . no, no, no, no, no . . . I mean a really, really good backing track to enhance your performance and wow the panel. Bring an extra copy of your music on another device just to be safe.

JAZMIN CASTLE: Tip Number 4. The Schools Spectacular is a large-scale event, which means it has a very big audience. So, perform your audition with lots of energy, so that that large audience can see you, hear you, and feel your emotions.

KAI LLOYD-JONES: When I walked out on to that huge stage, it was exhilarating. And, I knew I had to up my game. It is so important to know your onstage identity. Be the featured artist, dancer, or actor from your very first audition. Whether it's Spec, or any other part of the entertainment industry, you should present yourself as the artist you dream to be. And, that was tip Number 5.

JAZMIN CASTLE: If you get call backs after your audition, make sure you take the feedback they have given you and work on those points of your performance the most. You want the Spec team to see that you will work on the little things they had noticed in the last audition, and improve on them. And, that was tip Number 6.

KAI LLOYD-JONES: Great explaining, Jaz. And touché. Hopefully, you guys have been inspired to use our tips for your next Schools Spec audition.

JAZMIN CASTLE: Yeah, this was fun.


Whoo-hoo! Oh, wait. We forgot something!

KAI LLOYD-JONES: What did we forget about?

JAZMIN CASTLE: We forgot to tell them tip Number 7. The last one.

KAI LLOYD-JONES: Oh, yeah. We did. [chuckles] All right. Tip Number 7. If you need any more audition advice or tips, check out our other videos for more detailed information.

JAZMIN CASTLE: Now, go out there, own the moment, be the greatest you can, dream big, and become a star.

KAI LLOYD-JONES: I see what you did there, Jaz. Good luck, everyone.


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