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Art Bites - Top tips for auditioning - 09. After the audition

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[Intro music]

MONIQUE TAIT-OWENS: So, you've just finished or submitted your audition. But what happens after that? My name is Monique, and I have lived to tell the tale of both rejection and success. So, let's walk through it together.

While you wait for the response from the panel, take away that just auditioning in itself is an achievement, and something you should be proud of. The fact that you're sharing your passion, and showcasing your talent, in front of a panel is awesome. If you accidentally forgot the lyrics or script . . .

"To be or to . . ." [sighs] "To be . . ." [grunts]

. . . hit a flat note . . .

[Music - Celine Dion, 'My Heart Will Go On']

(SINGING OFF KEY) My heart will go on . . .

. . . messed up the choreography . . .


[Audience laughter]

. . .don't be hard on yourself and, most importantly, don't give up. Instead, be kind to yourself. And, I don't mean go and buy a double ice cream, or a double, double ice cream, or a whole tub of ice cream.

[Fast forwarded music playing]

Rather, take the time to reflect. A technique I like to use is to say 2 positives about the audition, and one area to improve the next time. This way, you don't focus on all the things that went poorly. Instead, you'll have a more of a positive mindset.

For example, "I really nailed my double pirouette." "I used all of this space and came to the front confidently." "But, next time, I want to use more energy and show more of my emotions."

Don't overthink or regret anything else you could have done. Realise you are in the same space as other people who are also in your shoes. "Hey, excuse me, can I please have my shoes back?"

In fact, don't be intimidated. Use the energy of everyone else around you, to connect with like-minded people. Enjoy the fact that you are surrounded by others who are as passionate as you. You could even stay connected after the audition by looking for other opportunities that are not auditions. For example, attend a performance or a workshop, or even join a conversation group.

And, now let's talk about the waiting. Understand that it may be days, weeks, or even months before you hear back from the panel, so stay positive during this time. Panels have a lot of things to consider when they are running auditions, and many of these are out of your control.

Regardless of the outcome, see this audition as just a step in your much longer journey along the yellow brick road. There will be many, many, many auditions in your lifetime, and you are guaranteed to hear a 'yes' as well as a 'no.' So, build up the mental skills to be able to deal with this.

[Phone ringing] "Hello? Wow, thank you so much."

[Crowd cheering]

[Phone ringing] "Hello?

[Sad music playing]

That's all right. Thank you anyway."

Auditioning is a skill, and you'll only improve that skill the more times you do it. Once your audition is over, celebrate and congratulate yourself that you've made it through the process, then leave it behind you and move on. You are now one step closer to success.

[Celebration noise]

[Music playing]

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