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Drama Company 2021 – Tales from the Wild Bush – 02. Full performance

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[intro music]

ANNOUNCER: Welcome to today's performance of 'Tales from the Wild Bush.' We are excited to share this story with you. We would like to acknowledge that we are already standing on a land rich with its own stories and culture, those of the Bidjigal and Gadigal people of the Eora Nation.

We acknowledge the traditional owners on whose life we meet, work, learn, and perform. We pay our respects to elders past, present, and emerging, and we pay our respects to any First Nations people here with us today. Thank you and enjoy the show.


[rising dramatic music]

ELEKTRA: This is Agent 6 to Agent 7. Agent 6 to Agent 7, do you read me?

WILL: I read you loud and clear, Agent 7.

ELEKTRA: No, you're Agent 7. I'm Agent 6.

WILL: Oh, yeah. Sorry. Copy that, Agent 6.

ELEKTRA: Is your mission clear?

WILL: Loud and clear, Agent 6.

ELEKTRA: So when the target approaches, we--

NARRATOR 1: This is Elektra.

ELEKTRA: --strike!

WILL: Strike! Copy that, Agent 7. I mean, Agent 6.

NARRATOR 1: This is Will.

ELEKTRA: I'm Agent 6.

WILL: I think we need new names.

NARRATOR 1: Elektra and Will are best friends.

ELEKTRA: We can discuss it after the mission is over.

WILL: Yeah, back at Spy Headquarters.

NARRATOR 1: They've known each other since they were one.

ELEKTRA: No, since we were zero.

WILL: Is there even such a thing as being zero?

ELEKTRA: Yeah, of course, there is. Now, ssh! The target's approaching.

NARRATOR 1: Since they were zero.

ELEKTRA: (WHISPERING) 3, 2, 1. Strike! Hand over all your lollies! Hand them over!

WILL: We know you have them, and now they're ours.

CHARLOTTE: Get off me, you little maniacs!

ELEKTRA: Give us all your lollies.

CHARLOTTE: I don't have any, you little rat! I ate them all.

ELEKTRA: You did not!

CHARLOTTE: I did too!

NARRATOR 1: This is Charlotte, Elektra's big sister. They don't always see eye to eye.

[snuffles barking]

ELEKTRA: Snuffles can smell them. They are in your pocket!


ELEKTRA: Do you?

NARRATOR 1: This is summer at 24 Wattle Tree Lane.

MUM: Charlotte, Elektra, dinner! Will, it's time to go home.

WILL: Oh, let's hide.

ELEKTRA: Yeah, then you won't have to go.

MUM: And no hiding, you guys.

ELEKTRA: I knew you had them. Liar!

WILL: Ssh! Get back. Your mum will see us.

MUM: Don't eat that rubbish before dinner. Go, go. And you two, it's time for Will to go home.

ELEKTRA: Ssh. Don't talk.

WILL: You're talking.

ELEKTRA: I'm not talking.

MUM: I know you're in there.

WILL: She doesn't.

ELEKTRA: She doesn't.

MUM: I'm coming in.

ELEKTRA: What's the password?

MUM: Dinnertime.

WILL: Come on, Mrs. Nelson. You know what it is.

ELEKTRA: She's going to say it. She's going to say it. She's going to say it.

MUM: Skwooberdooberdackerdonker.


WILL: Skwooberdooberdackerdonker.

MUM: Will. Home. Now!

WILL: Yes, Mrs. Skwooberdooberdackerdonker.

MUM: Ehem.

WILL: I mean, Mrs. Nelson.

ELEKTRA: Mum. Will, you forgot your walkie-talkie. Friends forever!

WILL: Friends forever!

ELEKTRA: Shake. Speak. Oh, you're such a good boy. Lekkie to Will. Do you read me?

WILL (OVER RADIO): Yeah, I read you, Lekkie. What is it?

ELEKTRA: Do you think there will be other spies at big school?

WILL (OVER RADIO): You mean real spies or other kids who would play spies with us?

ELEKTRA: Yeah, that. Play with us.

WILL (OVER RADIO): Of course, there will. And if not, we'll have each other.

ELEKTRA: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. Night, Will.

WILL: Nighty-night.

NARRATOR 1: Life at 24 Wattle Tree Lane. Nothing extraordinary, and yet nothing about it is ordinary. Endless summer nights, countless spy missions, and a best friend just a stone's throw away.

WILL (OVER RADIO): Are you going to watch 'Bluey'? It's on next.

ELEKTRA: No, I'm reading my book.

WILL (OVER RADIO): You'll get lost in that book one day, Lekkie.

ELEKTRA: You can't get lost in a book, Will. That's impossible.

MUM: iPad off. It's dinnertime.

NARRATOR 1: A mum that feels swamped. A mum who goes to bed every night thinking about everything that she did on that day.

ELEKTRA: Yes, tacos! I love tacos. You're the best!

CHARLOTTE: On you, Mum!

NARRATOR 1: And two girls who think she can do no wrong.

ELEKTRA: Only two sleeps till big school, Mum.

MUM: How are you feeling?

ELEKTRA: Good. Will and I are going to recruit some new spies.

MUM: Cool.

CHARLOTTE: They're not going to want to play dumb spy games.

ELEKTRA: Why not?

CHARLOTTE: Kids at big school play grown-up games.

ELEKTRA: Like what?

CHARLOTTE: Like Ooshie trading and dodgeball.

MUM: Sounds very grown-up.

CHARLOTTE: It is, Mum. Ooshie trading especially. It is really serious.

ELEKTRA: I've got a heap. I could even trade my ultrarare Hologram Princess Leia Ooshie.

CHARLOTTE: Little kids aren't allowed.

ELEKTRA: Why not?

CHARLOTTE: Because you'll get taken advantage.

ELEKTRA: Will not.

CHARLOTTE: How about I trade your Ooshies for you?

MUM: No way!

ELEKTRA: No way!

CHARLOTTE: Why not? You can trust me.

ELEKTRA: Can not.

NARRATOR 1: Can not. Excuse me.

MUM: He's right, though. You leave Elektra's Ooshies alone. And Elektra, you leave them at home.

ELEKTRA: Yes, Mum.


MUM: Charlotte, I hope you'll take care of your little sister. Make sure she knows where everything is and she has someone to play with.

CHARLOTTE: I don't want to have to hang around her.

ELEKTRA: Don't worry, Mum. I've got Will.

CHARLOTTE: (WHISPERING) Did you know that there are no toilets for the little kids at big school?

ELEKTRA: Yes, there are. I already know where they are.

CHARLOTTE: Yeah, but if you go in there, the grade sixers will give you a wedgie.

ELEKTRA: What's a wedgie?

CHARLOTTE: It's where they pull your undies up to your ears.

ELEKTRA: Ouch! That's rude.

MUM: Charlotte, stop it!

NARRATOR 1: Charlotte, stop it!

MUM: Don't listen to her, sweetie.

CHARLOTTE: Are you still excited, sweetie?

NARRATOR 1: Elektra was still excited. Nervous but excited. It was going to be just another day, a new mission, so to speak.

[elektra humming]

ELEKTRA: Elektra to Will, do you read me? Lekkie to Will. Agent 6 to Agent 7. Skwooberdooberdackerdonker.

Oh, hi, Sniffles. I didn't know you here already. What's up, bud? Why aren't you talking? Come on, it's the last day of holidays, last day of freedom.

Shall we make a backyard zoo? Or a magic potion? Or we could get ice cream? I know. Let's make a backyard zoo with an ice cream van that sells magic potion ice creams.

WILL: I can't.

ELEKTRA: Of course, you again.

WILL: No, you can, but I can't.

ELEKTRA: Sure you can,

WILL: I'm moving away, all right?

ELEKTRA: What? What do you mean?

WILL: My mum got a really good job in Melbourne. She wasn't so sure because it was all so sudden. But dad says it's the opportunity of a lifetime and that she'd be crazy not to take it. So we're moving.

ELEKTRA: But we're starting big school tomorrow.

WILL: Not anymore.

ELEKTRA: No, we are. We're starting together.

WILL: That's what I said. And then mum said that I'd be starting at a different school and that it will be just the same but in Melbourne.

ELEKTRA: But it won't be the same. We won't be together.

WILL: That's what I said. Then dad said that there'd be another Elektra in Melbourne.

ELEKTRA: He said what?

WILL: That's what I said.

ELEKTRA: There won't be another Elektra in Melbourne. There won't be.

WILL: Yeah. I said that too. I said there's only one Elektra. My Elektra.

ELEKTRA: So when do you leave? Will?

MUM: Elektra! Are you out here? Is Will here?

ELEKTRA: Will, when do you leave?

MUM: They're probably in Spy Headquarters.

MR BARRETT: Ah, yes. Will talks all about the Spy Headquarters.

ELEKTRA: Tell me, Will.

MR BARRETT: I had a feeling he might come over here.

ELEKTRA: Say it. When do you leave?

MUM: Skwooberdooberdackerdonker.

ELEKTRA: Not now, mum.

MR BARRETT: Skwooberdooberdackerdonker?

MUM: It's their special word.

ELEKTRA: Why is your dad here?

WILL: I'm sorry, Lekkie.

ELEKTRA: Your dad never comes around here.

WILL: I'm sorry. I don't want to go.

ELEKTRA: You're leaving today?

MR BARRETT: Come on, fella.

WILL: Not today, Lek. Now. I'm leaving right now.

MUM: Off on a new mission, I hear, Will?

WILL: I guess so. Sort of.

MUM: Well, I'm sure you're going to smash it. And we're all going to miss you.

MR BARRETT: Can you say thanks for all the play dates, Will?

WILL: Thanks, Mrs. Nelson.

MUM: Mrs. who?

WILL: Mrs. Skwooberdooberdackerdonker.

MR BARRETT: Righto, fella. Let's make tracks.


MR BARRETT: Come on, mate. Taxi's here.

STUDENT: [inaudible]

STUDENT: Hey, wait.

STUDENT: Come on, [inaudible].

STUDENT: Yeah, yeah, yeah. What's up?

STUDENT: I just got it.

STUDENT: Oh, my god. That's so cool.

[interposing voices]

STUDENT: Sorry, Tyler. You can't [inaudible].

STUDENT: No. You can't play a thing.

[interposing voices]

MUM: Aren't you going to wish Elektra luck?

CHARLOTTE: Good luck, squidge head. Try not to get a wedgie.

MUM: Charlotte!

ELEKTRA: It's OK, Mum.

MUM: I thought she'd at least walk you in.

ELEKTRA: I'll be fine.

MUM: And remember, if you don't know anyone, you can always introduce yourself.

ELEKTRA: I can always introduce myself. I know. And, Mum, if I don't like big school, can I pretty, pretty please go to a spy school instead?

MUM: Lekkie, it doesn't work like that. But you know what? I think you'll like big school. Just give it some time.

ELEKTRA: Yeah. I've got this, don't I?

MUM: Yes, my fierce girl. You've got this.

TYLER: Watch it, you little baby.

ELEKTRA: I'm not a baby.

KYLE: Hey, chuck us the ball back, new kid.

HANNAH: Too slow.


ELEKTRA: Hey, Charlotte.

EMILY: Hey, Charlotte.

EFFIE: Hey, Charlotte.

EMILY: She's so going to follow you around like a bad smell.


CHARLOTTE: Beat it, squidge head!

LINCOLN: Beat it, squidge head!

ELEKTRA: I am Charlotte! Wait, you're not Charlotte.

LINCOLN: Wait, you're not Charlotte.

ELEKTRA: Weirdo.

LINCOLN: Weirdo.

KATIE: Are you new, too? It's pretty scary, huh?

ELEKTRA: Oh, I'm not scared.

KATIE: Maybe you want to play together at recess?

ELEKTRA: I don't know. I might not be staying at school anyway.

KATIE: Really? Why?

ELEKTRA: I'm probably going to go to spy school instead.

KATIE: You probably shouldn't tell people that.


KATIE: If you want to be a really good spy, you shouldn't tell people that.

ELEKTRA: Whatever.

[school bell]


FRAN-LEE: Wesley! Is not your little brother?

WESLEY: Dragon office lady! Run for your life!

EMILY: I heard she spent the whole summer plotting how to capture kindy kids just like you.

WIZZY: No way.

FRAN-LEE: I'm trying to get your brother's excursion form so he doesn't miss out. I'm trying to help.

[school bell]

TYLER: You can't play with us until at least Term 2.

MAGGIE: But I missed you guys. I haven't seen you all summer.

TYLER: Those are the rules.

QUEENIE: Oh, come on, Tyler.

TYLER: Like it or lump it.

[school bell]

KYLE: So you want to trade Elsa for Woman Woman?

PRICKLES: Yes. Do you know anyone with a Wonder Woman?

KYLE: There might be a kid in Year 3 who will do that swap. Let me look into it.

KATIE: Would you take my Minnie Mouse Ooshie for Elsa?

PRICKLES: Minnie Mouse? Is that the best Ooshie you got?

KYLE: That is so not an even trade. Get some better Ooshies before you try and trade again.

TERRANCE: Oi! You three, get to class. Now!

[school bell]

[class chatter]

MUM: Elektra! Come put this backpack where it belongs. You know the rules.

CHARLOTTE: Hey, Mum. What's for dinner? Can we have pizza?

MUM: No. No screens on a school day. Elektra! Hey, Lekkie. What's up? How was your first day?

ELEKTRA: It was my last day.

MUM: Pardon?

ELEKTRA: I'm never going back there. I'm going to go to spy school instead.

MUM: Oh, honey. Why? What happened?

ELEKTRA: Nothing happened.

MUM: Was someone mean to you?

ELEKTRA: No, not to me. But it's just not a nice place.

MUM: Lekkie, I know there's some stuff that happens in the schoolyard that's not nice, but there's also a lot of great stuff. New friends, new games. You've just got to figure out how to deal with some of the bad stuff.

ELEKTRA: But I don't want to. I just want to go to spy school.

MUM: Lekkie, I can't think of a nice way to say this, but there's no such thing as spy school for kids.

ELEKTRA: Then I just-- I won't go to school.

MUM: How about you sleep on it? And we'll see how you feel in the morning. Oh, and look what came in the mail today. It's from Will.

ELEKTRA: Will? 'Tales from the Wild Bush.' Oh, wow. Look at the drawings.

MUM: They're beautiful, aren't they? That's a wallaby. Oh, and a lyrebird. He knows how much you love to read.

ELEKTRA: I miss him, mum. Today wouldn't have been so hard if Will was there.

MUM: I know. But there won't always be a Will or a Mum or a Charlotte to be by your side.

ELEKTRA: As if having Charlotte by my side would be any good.

MUM: She does love you. She just has a funny way of showing it sometimes. Want to come help us get dinner ready?

ELEKTRA: Thanks, but I think I'll just read the letter from Will. Dear Elektra, it's Will here, your old neighbour. Remember me?

WILL: Remember me? I used to live over the back fence.

ELEKTRA: Of course, I remember you, Will. You only just moved.

WILL: Anyway, I wanted to write to say how much I miss you already. Melbourne's OK, I guess. It's a bit weird. They have trams here, which is kind of cool.

Really, I'm writing because I wanted to send you back your walkie-talkie. I brought it with me because I thought it would work in Melbourne and we'd still be able to talk. But every time I use it, I just hear that buzzing noise.

ELEKTRA: It's called white noise, Will. You know, when it goes all krhkrhkrhkrhk?

WILL: You know, when it goes all krhkrhkrhkrhk? Then mum said that there's no way walkie-talkies would work when we're this far apart. But I thought maybe you might have recruited a new spy and you could chat with them instead. But there's one condition, Lekkie.

ELEKTRA: Yeah? What is it?

WILL: You can never forget me. Never.

ELEKTRA: Never. Never ever.

WILL: Never ever. Oh, and I chucked in the book I just finished reading. I reckon you'll love it. 'Tales from the Wild Bush.'

ELEKTRA: 'Tales from the Wild Bush.'

WILL: Love Will.

ELEKTRA: Where am I? Mum? Charlotte? Wow. What a magnificent bird.

LYREBIRD: Wow. What a magnificent bird.

ELEKTRA: Who said that?

LYREBIRD: Who said that?

ELEKTRA: Did you say that?

LYREBIRD: Did you say that?

ELEKTRA: The lyrebird! You said it, didn't you? You're known for copying sounds. Just like the lyrebird in my book, you copy sounds. Hey. Now watch this. Be be bee.

LYREBIRD: Be be bee.

ELEKTRA: Koo koo kah.

LYREBIRD: Koo koo kah.

ELEKTRA: Skwooberdooberdackerdonker.

LYREBIRD: Skwooberdooberdackerdonker.

ELEKTRA: (SINGING) Baby shark do do--

LYREBIRD: Oh, come on.

ELEKTRA: So do you just copy people?

LYREBIRD: So do you just copy people?

ELEKTRA: No, seriously.

LYREBIRD: No, seriously.

ELEKTRA: So can you talk, too?

LYREBIRD: So can you talk, too?

ELEKTRA: So you can't.

LYREBIRD: No, I can.

ELEKTRA: You can?

LYREBIRD: You can?

ELEKTRA: Don't do that.

LYREBIRD: Don't do that.

ELEKTRA: I'll make you sing 'Baby Shark' again.

LYREBIRD: OK, you win. Yes, I can talk.

ELEKTRA: Why on earth can you talk? You're an animal.

LYREBIRD: How else do we tell all the tales?

ELEKTRA: What tales?

LYREBIRD: From the wild bush.

ELEKTRA: So you are like the lyrebird in my book.

LYREBIRD: No, I am the lyrebird from your book.

ELEKTRA: If he's the lyrebird in my book, does that mean I'm in my book? Is that even possible? Let's see. What's the first tale called? 'Wizzy Wallaby and Fran-lee Frillneck.'

NARRATOR 2: 'Wallaby and Fran-lee Frillneck,' a tale from the wild bush.

ELEKTRA: Wow. Will was right. I think I might be lost in my book. Come on, Snuffles.

NARRATOR 2: Once upon a time, there was a quiet little wallaby called Wizzy who lived in the bush with his family. Wizzy had just come to the age where he was allowed to rummage and adventure in the bush by himself. He was so excited to start exploring.

WIZZY: I can't wait to get out to the bush. I'm going to find lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

WESLEY: Probably not, hey Wizz. This is Australia. There are no lions and tigers and bears here.

WIZZY: Maybe not, but I'm a brave little wallaby, and I'm going to find cool stuff out in the bush.

WESLEY: Knock yourself out, little bro.

NARRATOR 2: So off Wizzy went to find the wonders of the bush and prove he was a big brave wallaby. But before he got far, he came upon some emus gossiping in the shrubs.

EMILY: I heard she lives in a lizard den decorated with the bones and teeth of all the animals she ate.

EFFIE: I heard she eats animals up to five times her size.

EMILY: I heard that, too. Like wallabies.

EFFIE: And bilbies.

WIZZY: Who are you talking about?

EMILY: Don't you know?

EFFIE: Haven't you seen her?

ALL: Dragon lizard lady!

WIZZY: I thought lizards were harmless.

ALL: No!

EMILY: She may be little, but she's fierce. That's why they call her dragon lizard lady.

WIZZY: Who calls her dragon lizard lady?

PRICKLES: Everyone!

QUEENIE: We're all terrified of her!

EFFIE: She eats little wallabies like you for breakfast.

WIZZY: Really?

EMILY: Yes. If you ever see her, you should be scared.


NARRATOR 2: Well, Wizzy was a little scared. So he headed off to the rocks for a rest. But before he got far, guess who he saw? Fran-lee the frillneck lizard.

FRAN-LEE: Wizzy! Wizzy, come here!

WIZZY: Dragon lizard lady. She's going to eat me! Ah!

FRAN-LEE: Where'd he go? Huh. I missed him. And he's new, too. Fresh meat never last long in the bush. Never mind, I'll get him next time.

NARRATOR 2: Fran-lee scanned the bush for other small, young animals.

FRAN-LEE: You're young and small.

NARRATOR 2: With none in sight, she disappeared into the rocks where she perched motionless.

FRAN-LEE: Wesley! Is that you again? I'll get you if the last thing I do.

ANIMAL: No, Wesley.

ANIMAL: Wesley!

ANIMAL: Wesley, no.

WESLEY: You're not going to catch me, Fran-lee dragon lady! I'm at least six times quicker than you.

ANIMAL: You're so great.

FRAN-LEE: Makes no difference how fast you are once you're someone's dinner.

WESLEY: Yeah. I'm not going to be yours, though. Too quick for you, Fran-lee.

ANIMAL: No, get away, get away, get away.

FRAN-LEE: Oh, I missed him. Never mind, I'll just focus on the young ones. Wizzy! Queenie! Maggie!

NARRATOR 2: Now, little Wizzy had seen all this and he was more scared than ever.

WIZZY: Dragon lizard lady nearly ate my big brother Wesley. And if she can eat him, then she can surely eat me. Wesley!

WESLEY: What is it, little bro?

WIZZY: The dragon lizard lady nearly ate you!

WESLEY: Me? No way. I'm way too quick for her, little brother. But you? You should be careful. She loves the little ones.


WESLEY: No one knows. But she's always seen on those rocks over there. They call it her office.

ALL: Her office.

WESLEY: And when a little one like you comes past, she shrieks! Dragon lizard lady! Run for your lives!

FRAN-LEE: Oh, no, you don't! Wizzy!

WIZZY: Please! Please, don't eat me.

FRAN-LEE: Eat you? What on earth are you talking about, Wizzy Wallaby?

WIZZY: You're going to eat me. I know it. I've lived a good life. A short life, but a good life.

FRAN-LEE: Be quiet and come back to the rocks.

ANIMALS: The rocks.

ANIMALS: The rocks.

WIZZY: Don't you mean the office? Where bad things happen?

FRAN-LEE: The rocks is where it's safe. You'll be eaten alive out here.

WIZZY: Don't you mean in there? But you!

FRAN-LEE: The only thing about to eat you, Wizzy, is the dingo that lives on the other side of those rocks.


[interposing voices]

WIZZY: The what? Did you guys see that?

FRAN-LEE: That's what I've been trying to tell you. You and all the other young animals that dingoes likes to eat. Those two emus, Emily and Effie, every time I call their name, off they scurry. They'll be dingoes dessert if they don't stop and listen to me.

WIZZY: I don't think there's any chance of that happening, Fran-lee.


WIZZY: They're scared of you.

FRAN-LEE: Why? I only chase after them because I'm trying to help.

WIZZY: Oh. So that's why you chase after us. I guess they just see your big frill and hear your shrieky voice.

FRAN-LEE: Shrieky voice? Oh, yes. I see what you mean. As for my frill, I can't control it. It just fans out when I'm doing something important. And helping young animals is very important to me.

WIZZY: Yes, I see that now. I guess animals aren't always as they seem.

FRAN-LEE: Well, if they won't listen to me because they think I'm scary, maybe they'll listen to you. Wizzy, spread the word about the dingo.

WIZZY: I will. Thanks, Fran-lee. And you should keep trying to help the others. You're right. It's important.

NARRATOR 2: So Wizzy went on his way, a little wiser on the ways of the bush and all thanks to an unlikely friend, Fran-lee the frillneck lizard, who taught him that animals aren't always what they seem.

ELEKTRA: Poor Fran-lee. She was only trying to help. I feel like that office lady from my school. Everyone was running away from her, too. Let's watch another one. Hmm. 'The Bush Boogie Bonanza.'

NARRATOR 3: 'Bush Boogie Bonanza.' On the other side of the bush, a Tasmanian devil was up to no good.

TYLER: Come on! Hurry up, you slowcoach!

QUEENIE: I'm not as fast as you, all right?

TYLER: Well, you've got to be. We don't want Maggie to catch us.

QUEENIE: Why not? I like it when Maggie plays with us. He makes me laugh.

TYLER: This morning, we said, on Mondays, no Maggie.


See what I did there? What letter do they both start with? M. Yeah.

QUEENIE: Oh, yeah. I see what you did there. But it doesn't really make sense.

TYLER: It was my idea. It makes perfect sense.

QUEENIE: Well, if it's Mondays, no Maggie, does that mean it's Tuesdays, no Tyler?

TYLER: What did you say?

NARRATOR 3: Tyler was not a fan of Queenie Quokka's logic.

TYLER: Just because it's Mondays, no Maggie doesn't mean it's Tuesdays, no Tyler.

NARRATOR 3: On this particular day, Queenie couldn't be bothered putting up a fight, so she just went along with it.

QUEENIE: All right.

NARRATOR 3: So Mondays, no Maggie was on again.

MAGGIE: Tyler, Queenie! Want to play bush boogie? I was thinking, this Friday, we can make up a dance and then have a bush boogie bonanza!

QUEENIE: Oh, my goodness. That sounds awesome, Maggie!

TYLER: Yeah, if you think doing some dumb dance is awesome. Mondays, no Maggie.

QUEENIE: Oh, that's right. Yeah, if you think doing some dumb dance is awesome.

TYLER: Find someone else to do your flappy dance with. Come on, Queenie, let's go to my burrow.

QUEENIE: Yeah, let's go.

MAGGIE: Oh, come on.

NARRATOR 3: For a moment, Maggie thought about following them. But instead, he decided to work on his bush boogie.

EMILY: Hey, he's good, hey.

EFFIE: He's good, hey.

EMILY: That's what I was going to say.

EFFIE: That's what I was going to say.

NARRATOR 3: Now, I might need some help here. If today is Monday, then the next day in the story must surely be--

AUDIENCE: Tuesday.

NARRATOR 3: Tuesday. Of course. So, on the very next day, on Tuesday, Tyler thought it would be fun to play with Maggie.

TYLER: Hey, Maggie! Want to come play some tricks on Wizzy Wallaby?

MAGGIE: Oh, I don't know, Tyler. I was just going to work on my dance.

TYLER: Come on. We haven't hung out all week.

MAGGIE: That's because yesterday, you said Mondays, no Maggie.

TYLER: Never mind yesterday. Today can be our special day. It'll be exclusive.

MAGGIE: Ooh, what does that mean?

TYLER: It means it's just you and me.


QUEENIE: Hey, Maggie! Want to work on the dance? I've got a cool move.

MAGGIE: Yes! And then we can add--

TYLER: Maggie, what are you doing? Remember, we're being exclusive.

MAGGIE: Oh, yeah. But can we just work on the dance for a little bit?

TYLER: That is so not exclusive. Do you want to play with me or not?

MAGGIE: Sorry, Queenie. I've got to go.

EMILY: Don't worry, Queenie. That won't last.

EFFIE: Tyler will probably leave Maggie out again tomorrow and we can all play together then.

QUEENIE: Oh. But I don't really like leaving other animals out.

EMILY: Well, I heard Tyler does it because his big brothers always leave him out.

EFFIE: I heard Tyler does it because he's actually a big scaredy-cat.

QUEENIE: Yeah. Well, I feel bad because I did it to Maggie yesterday and I really wanted to work on the dance.

EFFIE: Well, we're really good at it. We could show you.

QUEENIE: Really?

EMILY: Course.

EFFIE: Emily added some moves, too.

EMILY: And Effie put it to a sweet beat. Let's show her.

NARRATOR 3: The week went on as it started. Tyler kept on leaving people out and everybody just went along with it. Until finally, Friday came and it was the day of Maggie's bush boogie bonanza!

MAGGIE: But at the end, everybody strike the power pose and hold it. 2, 3, 4! And own it, you know?

QUEENIE: Yeah, you so own it! You own it!

EMILY: Let's practise just that bit.

TYLER: What are you doing?

QUEENIE: It's the bush boogie bonanza.

TYLER: Ugh. Whatever. Come on, Feffie.

MAGGIE: Who's Feffie?

QUEENIE: Who's Feffie?

MAGGIE: Are you Feffie?

EMILY: I'm not Feffie.

MAGGIE: Are you Feffie?

[interposing voices]

TYLER: Feffie, I said, let's go.

MAGGIE, QUEENIE, EMILY: He means you, Effie.

EFFIE: My name is Effie.

TYLER: No, it's not. Your name's Feffie, and today is Feffie Friday.

ALL: Ugh.

TYLER: What?

EMILY: You know what? I've had enough. Her name is Effie, not Feffie. And there is no such thing as Feffie Friday, or Mondays, no Maggie, or any other stupid rule you make about who plays with whom.

TYLER: You pipe down. I decide who gets left out.

QUEENIE: But, Tyler, nobody needs to be left out.

TYLER: Yes, they do.


TYLER: Because someone is always left out. And if that's how it's going to be, then I decide. Come on, Feffie.

EFFIE: My name is Effie!

QUEENIE: So that's why you do it.

TYLER: What?

QUEENIE: Leave people out. Because you're scared if you don't, then you will be the one left out.

TYLER: Pfft. No.

MAGGIE: Tyler, we wouldn't do that.

TYLER: Yeah, you would. You birds will probably fly off on me or something.

EMILY: We're emus. We can't fly.

EFFIE: Seriously, do you know anything about me?

MAGGIE: We really wouldn't, Tyler. We have more fun together anyways.

TYLER: Well, I can't dance.

QUEENIE: Yeah, but we're not all dancing. Effie is beatboxing. You can join in with her.

EFFIE: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. You want me to be nice to him when he doesn't even know my name?

EMILY: Yeah, because otherwise, we'd be doing exactly what he's afraid of, leaving him out. Show him how to beatbox, Effie. Please.

QUEENIE: Please.

MAGGIE: Please.

AUDIENCE: That's creepy.

EFFIE: Oh, all right.


EFFIE: Try and keep up.


NARRATOR 3: And so Tyler learned that even though he was afraid of being left out, that didn't mean he had to do it to others. Oh, and he also learned how to beatbox.

ELEKTRA: I reckon that's why Tyler needs a friend like you, Snuffles. And how awesome was the emu who stuck with him? She rocked. Let's just watch one more before we go home. 'The Brilliant Bush Bake-off.'

NARRATOR 4: 'Brilliant Bush Bake-off.' It was the time of year when the smells of the bush were at their most heightened. Eucalyptus lamingtons, vegemite cupcakes, and other Australian wonders wafted through the air. Yes, it was the Brilliant Bush Bake-off! The contestants were busy putting the final touches on their dishes.

PLATYPUS: My vegemite sandwich with bush tomato sauce. Always important to not use too much vegemite.

EMILY: Let's get these kangaroo paw pancakes as flat as they can be.

KOOKABURRA: My worm spaghetti it's what everyone likes.

HUNTSMAN: Just got to add a couple more flies.

PRICKLES: This is my year. Last year, my ant rolls came a close second. But this year, I have a new creation, my grass and ant salad with secret dressing. It's going to blow their minds, and look out anyone who stands in my way.

KANGAROO: You have 10 seconds left on the clock. Hop to it, and make sure your dishes are delicious.

PLATYPUS: Oh, no. I've forgotten the crucial bush tomato element to my dish. It's too late. I'll just have to serve it as is.

EFFIE: I wonder if our kangaroo paw pancakes are going to be to the judges liking.

PRICKLES: No, no, no! All my ants are crawling away. Come back, come back!

KOOKABURRA: My worm spaghetti, it's simple, but it's always a winner.

HUNTSMAN: My fly muffins with webbing icing. There is nothing better in the bush. I know you just like them.

PRICKLES: Hey, ant! You get back here. Where do you think you're going? Oh, this is hopeless. Grass. That's all it is now, grass.

KANGAROO: Wings and paws off your dishes. It's time for the tasting.

NARRATOR 4: As the judge hopped down the line, it was becoming clearer that this year, the bake-off was going to come down to only two animals.

KANGAROO: It's good, but it's missing something.

PRICKLES: Something. Yes, I know. I couldn't help it, and all my ants just wandered away. Can you still put me through into the finals? It's not my fault. I'm a brilliant cook.

KANGAROO: I'm sorry, Prickles.


AUDIENCE: Oh, brother.

PRICKLES: I will be back!

KANGAROO: Wow. You really put the cook in kookaburra. And, Huntsman, I don't know how you hold it all together. Flawless. You're both in the finals.

KOOKABURRA: Oh, well. I made it to the finals. My mum and dad are going to be so proud.

HUNTSMAN: It's been my dream to win this competition since I was a little spider.

NARRATOR 4: Indeed, the Brilliant Bush Bake-off was a huge event. Animals would travel across all over the bush to watch the final together.


KANGAROO: And now to decide the winner, we have a very special guest to introduce you to.

HUNTSMAN: Who could it be?

KOOKABURRA: You don't think it's--

HUNTSMAN: You mean?


HUNTSMAN: It couldn't be.

KANGAROO: Please welcome--

ALL: Terrific Terrance Tawny!


TERRANCE: Hello, Kookaburra and Huntsman, and congratulations on making it to the final of the bake-off. As I'm sure you are aware, I am a world-famous chef known for my world-famous eucalyptus drops.

ALL: Eucalyptus drops.

TERRANCE: While they may seem simple, they are, in fact, a very complex operation requiring precise amounts of ingredients and culinary skills. Here is my recipe. Whoever can best replicate my world-famous eucalyptus drops will be the winner.



KANGAROO: Read your recipe carefully. Your time starts now.

NARRATOR 4: As Huntsman and Kookaburra started reading the recipe, Huntsman started getting out bowls, eucalyptus leaves, sugar, and anything else they may need. Kookaburra, however, was staring at the recipe, not moving.

KOOKABURRA: Oh, my. This is so embarrassing. I'm not going to be able to make this. All the ingredients are so precise and require hands to make sure just the right amount goes in. All I have are these silly wings. I'm going to look like a fool in front of all these animals and my mum and dad.

NARRATOR 4: Kookaburra seem to shrink smaller and smaller as each minute ticked by. It caught one of Huntsman's eyes.

HUNTSMAN: Hey, Kookaburra, you better start soon or time will run out. It's a really complex recipe.

KOOKABURRA: I can't hold anything.


KOOKABURRA: All I have are these silly wings. I can't hold the measuring cups, crack the eggs--

HUNTSMAN: Hey! I've got a couple of extra hands. I'll come closer. I can help you.

KOOKABURRA: What do you mean?

NARRATOR 4: As Huntsman came closer, she secretly started filing Kookaburra's bowls with the ingredients perfectly measured out.

KOOKABURRA: You don't have to do this.

HUNTSMAN: You looked so sad, and I don't want you to feel humiliated for something you can't control.

KANGAROO: 10 minutes left!

TERRANCE: I can smell the wonderful eucalyptus leaves from here. Keep going, everyone.

KOOKABURRA: You're doing it, you're doing it.

KANGAROO: Five minutes left!



TYLER AND PRICKLES: They're not going to dry in time.

HUNTSMAN: They're not going to dry in time. Sorry, Kookaburra. I feel like I've let you down.

KOOKABURRA: Huntsman, we got this.

HUNTSMAN: What do you mean?

KOOKABURRA: You made them. Now I'll dry them with my wings.

HUNTSMAN: They're drying! Keep going, Kookaburra! Keep going!

KANGAROO: Children, help me count down!

EVERYONE: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

KANGAROO: Step away from your dishes.

KOOKABURRA: We did it!

HUNTSMAN: We did it!

KOOKABURRA: You know what? I don't care if I win or not. I had such fun working with you today, Huntsman.

HUNTSMAN: I honestly couldn't have done it without you, Kookaburra. You really came through in the end there.

KYLE: So, you two, how do you think you went?

HUNTSMAN: Well, we don't know, but we do know we've had a lot of fun working together.

ALL: Aww.

TERRANCE: Well, now, it's time for the final taste.

[interposing voices]

TERRANCE: These eucalyptus drops are the best I've ever had!

[cheering, applause]

I can taste so much more than just eucalyptus. I can taste friendship--

ALL: Friendship.

TERRANCE: --kindness--

ALL: Kindness.

TERRANCE: --hope--

ALL: Hope.

TERRANCE: --teamwork--

ALL: Teamwork.

TERRANCE: --and Parmesan cheese.

ALL: Parmesan cheese?

TERRANCE: Nice touch.

KANGAROO: So, Terrance, who is the winner?

TERRANCE: They can't be split. It's the first-ever Brilliant Bush Bake-off tie!

[cheering, applause]

NARRATOR 4: They discovered that winning isn't everything. That, in fact, working together and looking out for each other made everything much more achievable and much, much more fun.

ELEKTRA: Woohoo!

NARRATOR 4: Oh, and one more thing.


NARRATOR 4: It's time for you to go home.

ELEKTRA: Oh, just one more tale.

NARRATOR 4: I think you've seen enough. Lekkie. Lekkie. Lekkie.

MUM: Lekkie. Lekkie. Lekkie.


MUM: Your hat and your bag. Don't forget your hat and your bag.

KYLE: Hey, chuck us the ball back, new kid!

MUM: Good throw, Lek. Hope today goes better.

ELEKTRA: I think it's going to. I learned some things from my book last night that I think will help.

TYLER: Come on. It's just you and me today.

MAGGIE: But what about the others? They might feel left out.

TYLER: Who cares? Watch it.

ELEKTRA: You don't have to be so rude. And I know you're afraid of being left out, but that doesn't mean you have to leave other people out.

QUEENIE: Oh, so that's why you do it.

[school bell]

FRAN-LEE: Wizzy!

WIZZY: Dragon lizard lady! Run!

ELEKTRA: Excuse me. Here's my excursion form, Miss.

FRAN-LEE: Oh. Thank you for returning it.

ELEKTRA: And I'm Elektra. I'm in KG. It's nice to meet you.

FRAN-LEE: It's nice to meet you, too. I'm Fran-lee, the--

ELEKTRA: The frillneck-- office lady. I know.

FRAN-LEE: Well, pop past anytime and say hi.

ELEKTRA: I will. And thanks for helping us all out.

CHARLOTTE: Elektra! You forgot your lunch.

EMILY AND EFFIE: Aww. Elektra forgot her lunch.

CHARLOTTE: Guy, she's my little sister. I don't want her to go hungry.

[school bell]

KYLE: We told you to get better Ooshies.

PRICKLES: Yeah. We don't want Mickey Mouse. We're not babies.

ELEKTRA: Hey, Katie. You dropped your Ooshie on the ground over there.

KATIE: No, I didn't. That's not mine.

ELEKTRA: Yeah. You dropped it over there. Remember?


KYLE: Is that the ultrarare Princess Leia Hologram Ooshie?


KYLE: Is that really yours?

ELEKTRA: Go on, tell them.

KATIE: Yeah. Yeah, it is.

PRICKLES: I'll trade my Elsa for that.

KATIE: OK, deal.

[school bell]

KYLE: Give me, give me. Come on.

KATIE: Thanks. That was very nice of you.

ELEKTRA: No problem. And I was thinking about what you said about how if you want to be a really good spy, you shouldn't tell people.

KATIE: Yeah?

ELEKTRA: And I thought you'd make a really good spy. Want to come to my house after school to play?

KATIE: Definitely.

ELEKTRA: And I can give you my walkie-talkie and we can be spies together.

KATIE: Totally.


NARRATOR 1: And so even though life at big school was different for Elektra than she planned, and she still had to learn the ways of the schoolyard, the things she can control, and the things she can't, it turned out that with a bit of time, a bit of courage, and just a splash of kindness, life would go on being extraordinary and no one was going to get in her way.

ELEKTRA: The end.


TYLER: Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. You can't go yet.

NARRATOR 1: Why not?

TYLER: They haven't seen the Bush Boogie.

[interposing voices]

NARRATOR 1: Do you want to see the Bush Boogie?


NARRATOR 1: Teachers, do we have time?



NARRATOR 1: Then hit it!

[bush boogie music]

(SINGING) Bush boogie, it's the sound of the groove. Bush boogie, let your body move. Fish or fly, bird up in the sky, the bush is where we belong. Whether you've a beak or a claw, feather or a paw, swinging in the trees, swimming to the shore, maybe you're a kid studying at school, this bush boogie bonanza for you. Because everybody here has somewhere to belong.

CAST: Everybody, sing along!

(SINGING) Oh, yeah.

EVERYONE: Bush boogie, it's the sound of the groove. Bush boogie, let your body move. Fish or fly, bird up in the sky, kookaburras laugh, kids out in the yard, living in the wild, every creature, every child. Here is where we belong.

CAST: It's the bush boogie bonanza!

[applause, cheering]

(SINGING) Bush boogie.

End of transcript