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Video transcript
Tales from the Wild Bush – 14. Post show vox pops

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[music playing]

WOMAN: [? cristos, ?] what was your favourite part of 'Tales from the Wild Bush'?

CHILD 1: I think it was the end song.

WOMAN: Oh, that was 'Boogie Bonanza.' Fantastic. Otis, did you have a favourite character?

OTIS: Yes, the lyrebird.

WOMAN: Why did you like the lyrebird so much?

OTIS: Because it copied all the other characters.

WOMAN: OK, fantastic. And girls, can you tell me, did you have a favourite animal?

CHILD 2: My favourite animal was the lizard.

WOMAN: Why was the lizard your favourite?

CHILD 1: Because it was very shrieky.

WOMAN: A very shrieky lizard. I think we all know a very shrieky lizard, don't we? How did the lizard turn out to be? Who knows the answer to that?

CHILD 3: Nice.

WOMAN: Very nice. Now, boys. I was wondering what your favourite part was?

CHILD 4: The competition of the [inaudible].

WOMAN: [inaudible].

CHILD 5: Everything.

WOMAN: Everything. Yeah. OK, Ralph. Did you have a favourite part in the story?

RALPH: Yes, it was when they were cooking. And I loved it when the huntsman was [inaudible].

WOMAN: I loved that too. And Mia, did you have a favourite part?

MIA: Yes, when she thought she was in the book.

WOMAN: Yes. [? electra ?] thought she was inside the book. Has anyone thought about the message? We talked about this a bit at school. What do you think the message of that story might be? Yes.

CHILD 6: I think the message of that story was to be brave.

WOMAN: Isn't that fantastic? Thank you, children.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Thank you. Yay!


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