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NSW Premier's Spelling Bee 2019 - Junior state final

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PAUL MARSHALL: So we acknowledge that we meet on the homelands of the Gadigal people. We pay respect to elders past and present. We extend that respect to other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples here today. I'd like to say welcome to the 49 junior state finalists who have each won their regional finals to be here today.

I'd also like to extend a very warm welcome to the principals, teachers, fellow students, and families of the finalists, many of whom have travelled from all over the state to attend this morning's final. It's a real achievement to have progressed this far. The best of luck to you all.

I'd just like to briefly also thank the officials who are chairing our final today. They're from Nimmitabel Public School, south eastern New South Wales. They're accompanied by their teacher, Brad Austin, and they've travelled nearly 500 kilometres to host today's events.

STUDENT: It is now my pleasure to introduce our announcer for the competition. Ladies and gentlemen, Cassie McCullough.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Good afternoon, everyone. And thank you for that lovely introduction from our chair. OK, here we go. Georgina Garness Now, Georgina is 10 years old and she's in Year four at Wallsend South Public School. Hi, Georgina.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Now I hear that you like dogs, but only of a certain size. What size is your favourite?

GEORGINA: Small ones.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: The small ones. And you don't like bananas either.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: OK, well thank you very much. Your practice word is brother. Brother. My brother and I take turns in packing up, after dinner. Brother.

GEORGINA: Brother. B-R-O-T-H-E-R. Brother.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Beautiful. Thank you very much. Yusuf Karim Yusuf is nine years old, and he's in Year four at Wiley Park Public School. Now Youssef, you're a fan of origami. What's your favourite thing to fold?

YOUSSEF: I don't know. I don't really have a favourite thing to fold.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: What are you really good at? A particular thing?

YOUSSEF: I'm good at folding stuff.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Good answer. Correct answer. Now your practice word is cloud. Cloud. The single cloud in the sky looked like a dog if you closed one eye. Cloud.

YOUSSEF: Cloud. C-L-O-U-D. Cloud.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Beautiful. Thank you very much. Annaliese Maguire is 9 years old and in year four at Gunnedah South Public School. G'day, Annaliese.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Now your favourite movie is Rango. Who is Rango? I haven't heard of this film.

ANNALISE: He's like a weird chameleon thing in the desert.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: [laughs] OK. Now you're thinking about studying architecture. That's exciting. Yeah? Well, let's get on with your word. It is hard. That is actually the word. Hard. The test was hard but fair.

ANNALISE: Hard. H-A-R-D. Hard.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Very good. Darius Giann is with us. He is 10 years old. He's in Year four at Drummoyne Public School. You're something of a musician, Darius?


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: What do you play?

DARIUS GIANN: I play the cello and the trumpet.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Very nice. Very different instruments. And you're also into computer coding. Very cool, indeed. Now your word is back. Back. John had to go back inside because he forgot his pencil case for school. Back.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Excellent. Thank you. Bowie Robertson Bowie is 10 years old and in Year four at Yamba Public School. Hello, Bowie.

BOWIE: Hello.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Do you know anyone else who's been here today at the spelling bee?

BOWIE: My brother River.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: And how did he go?

BOWIE: He just won.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: [laughs] Sure did. Well, how fantastic for him. Now like him, you're a fan of surfing, snowboarding, soccer, skateboarding. I don't know how you guys manage to fit in any spelling practice, but clearly you do. Your practice word, funnily enough, is sport. Sport. The best day of the week is when we do sport with the whole class. Sport.

BOWIE: Sport. S-P-O-R-T. Sport.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Beautiful. Thank you. Braydon Bouffler is 10 years old. He's in Year four at Claire Public School. And I'm going to tell people the names of your siblings, Braydon. Blake, Brittany, Brody, Breese, and Bo. Do you think your parents like a particular letter?


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Very good. Well, this is a spelling bee. So we like the word B too. So your practice word is maths. Maths. The teacher gets us to use our calculator when we do maths in class. Maths.

BRAYDON: Maths M-A-T-H-S. Maths.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Very good. Thank you for that. Now to Oliver Bishell, who's come to us from Glenbrook Public School where you're in Year four. Now you like rugby, games, reading, but you don't like a particular vegetable, I hear. Which one?

OLIVER: Brussels sprouts or broccoli.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Oh, both of them. Cool. Well, maybe you'll learn to love them in later life like I did. Now your practice word is country. Country. When my mother went on holidays, she took a plane to a different country. Country.

OLIVER: Country. C-O-U-N-T-R-Y. Country.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Very good. Thank you very much. Angad Singh is from Casula Public School. He is 9 years old and he is in Year four. G'day, Angad. Love to have you. Now you are also a fan of soccer, but you're not a fan of really loud things. Why don't you like loud things? Are you trying to concentrate?

ANGAD: Yes, usually when I'm reading books.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: [laughs] I love reading books too. Now your practice word is year. Year. You know it is at the end of the year when you start hearing Christmas carols at the shops. Year.

ANGAD: Year. Y-E-A-R. Year.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Excellent. Thank you very much. Felicity Wharton is 10 years old, and she's in Year four at the Junction School. Where's the Junction School near, Felicity?

FELICITY: Newcastle.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: OK, you've come a fair way today. Now I understand that you have a particular cricket player that you're a fan of. Tell us who that is.

FELICITY: Ellyse Perry.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Yes. Fantastic. And of course not just cricket, but soccer as well. Multitalented. Your practice word is soccer. Soccer. I had a great game of soccer at lunchtime. Soccer.

FELICITY: Soccer. S-O-C-C-E-R. Soccer.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Brilliant. Thank you very much. Ari Vandenbosch is nine years old and in year three at Goolmangar Public School. Now it says here, Ari, that you like being lazy, eating, playing video games, and watching videos. How do you get some practice in your spelling?

ARI: I go to school.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Well, everyone from the education department will be delighted to hear that, Ari. Thank you for that. Your practice word is take. Take. It is important to take your water bottle to training. Take.

ARI: Take. T-A key-- K-E. Take.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Very good. Thank you very much. Theodore Rainford is 9 years old, and he is in year 3 at Fig Tree Heights Public School. And Theodore is also a reader. And your favourite music, Theodore, is from which country?

THEODORE: Ireland.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: And why is that? What takes you, particularly, about Irish music?

THEODORE: Well, I like the feel.


THEODORE: I play the violin.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Very good. Thank you. Now your word is king. The king lived in a large castle overlooking the town. King.

THEODORE: King. K-I-N-G. King.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Perfect. Thank you. Poppy Kay is 10 years old, and she's in Year four at Orange Public School. What a beautiful part of the world. Now you and I share an author that we both love, Enid Blyton. Which is your favourite of the books, or even of the characters?

POPPY: I like the Faraway Tree books.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Yes, so do I! They are some crazy books, those ones. Now your practice word is netball. Netball. My favourite time of the week is when I have netball training after school. Netball.

POPPY: Netball. N-E-T-B-A-L-L. Netball.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Beautiful. Thank you very much. Aaron Morris. Aaron is nine years old, and he is in Year three at Oatley West Public School. He loves reading, dancing, anime, and video games. But you don't like heights?

AARON: No, I don't like it. I've been afraid of heights ever since I was two.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Yeah. Fair enough. Makes you feel weird, huh?

AARON: I know!

FELICITY: Yeah. Good one. Well, you're clearly not scared of spelling. Your word is dance. It's sometimes fun to dance in the mirror when no one is looking. Dance.

AARON: Dance. D-A-N-C-E. Dance.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Perfect. Thank you very much. Luke Busic is 10 years old. He's in Year four at Coogee Public School. A fan of art. Green things, though, aren't your particular like. You don't like green. Is that just because so many vegetables are green?

LUKE: No, it's because my brother likes that colour.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Excellent. Excellent technique. I can see what you're doing there. OK. All right, Luke, your practice word is shape. Shape. A square is a shape with four sides. Shape.

LUKE: Shape. S-H-A-P-E. Shape.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Beautiful. Thank you very much for that. Jed Dou is 10 years old and in Year four at Murray Farm Public School. He likes maths and the Mobius strip? Am I saying that right? Yeah? Now what is it that you like about the Mobius strip?

JED: When you cut it in half so it'll just make a longer strip instead of making it break.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Ah ha. And you've learned about maths through. Eddie Woo?

JED: Yes.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: On his WooTube channel?

JED: Not exactly.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: How do you know about him?

JED: I have some books by him.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Oh, books. OK. Excellent. OK Jed, your word is people. People. The platform was full of people waiting for the train. People.

JED: People. P-E-O-P-L-E. People.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Excellent. Thank you. Charlie Wright is nine years old. He's in Year four at Sawtell Public School, one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Charlie. You seem to love nature. You like flowers, birds, lizards, even snakes. Aren't you afraid of snakes? No?


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Which ones do you like the best?

CHARLIE: Pythons.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Yeah, you have those up in your area, don't you? Good to not be afraid of them then. OK, your practice word is road. Road. My parents always follow the road rules when driving. Road.

CHARLIE: Road. R-O-A-D. Road.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Perfect. Thank you for that, Charlie.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Joshua Musgrave who is with us today. He's eight years old. He's in Year three at Minnamurra Public School. Hi, Joshua. Good to have you. Now that's obviously one of the most beautiful parts of the world. You get to choose between swimming in the sea or in the river. Which is your favourite?

JOSHUA: Yeah, I like swimming in the river. And I sometimes go surfing in the ocean.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Perfect. Best of both worlds. OK now Joshua, your practice word is chips. Chips. I like to eat fish and chips on the beach on a hot summer day. Chips.

JOSHUA: Chips. C-H-I-P-S. Chips.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Perfect. Thank you very much. Mielle Gadiane is 9 years old and in Year four at Cambridge Gardens Public School. Her favourite subjects are art, maths, and sport. But you don't like rainy days at all, Mielle?

MIELLE: Well rainy days are pretty boring because you don't get to do that much stuff outside.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Yeah. You'd like to be outside. But there's always the library, where there's lots of books. Now, your practice word is time. Time. After finishing breakfast, it is time to go to school. Time.

MIELLE: Time. T-I-M-E. Time.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Brilliant. Serena Terpstra is nine years old. She's at Bolwarra Public School, in Year three. And you're a fan of the comedian David Walliams. Do you like his books?


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Yeah. He's very naughty sometimes on television though, isn't he? You're also a big fan of pistachio nuts, sushi, and seafood. If you can only have one, which would you have?

SERENA: I think it would be sushi.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Good choice. Your practice word is music. Music. The radio was playing my favourite music on the bus home from school. Music.

SERENA: Music. M-U-S-I-C. Music.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Beautiful. Thank you very much. Isabella Holumbiyevska is here. She is 9 years old. She is in Year three at Lavington Public School. And she's also a fan of Enid Blyton. Hello. What's your favourite character or book?

ISABELLA: The Faraway Trees.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: You like that one too. Yes. And you're also thinking about writing books yourself when you're a bit older?


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Yeah? You're keen for that. That's a great thing to do. Your practice word is play. I always play soccer after school with my friends at the park. Play.

ISABELLA: Play. P-L-A-Y. Play.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Thank you very much, Isabella. Montana Nardi is eight years old and in Year three at Parkview Public School. Hello to you, Montana. Where is Park View Public School?


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Ah, out west. Very good. Thanks for coming all this way to be here. Now you obviously spend a fair bit of outdoors time, but you also like being indoors playing with LEGO and sewing and dancing and reading. What's your favourite type of book?

MONTANA NARDI: Chapter books.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Chapter books, yes. OK, your word is bake. Bake. It's lots of fun to bake a cake. Bake.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Excellent. Thank you very much. Cecilia Zhong is nine years old. She's in Year four at Hurstville Public School. And she says that if she had a superpower it would be the ability to make potions so that she could get more magic powers. Hi, Cecilia.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: I'm guessing that you probably like Harry Potter.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Yeah? Who's your favourite character?

CECILIA: Hermione.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Yes. Very good. Your word is rock. Rock. The lizard sat atop the warm, sunny rock.

CECILIA: Rock. R-O-C-K. Rock.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Perfect, thank you. Jaden Dao is 9 years old. He's in year four at Newbridge Heights School. Your favourite foods, Jaden. Vietnamese pancakes, fried rice, and spring rolls. Can you cook any of those yourself?

JADEN: I can make spring rolls, but I can't actually cook them. I can put them-- I put the meat in the pantry and roll them up, but I can't actually cook them.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Yeah, because it's all that hot boiling oil. It's very dangerous, but so delicious. Your practice word is piano. My-- oh, sorry. Piano. Told you I would make a mistake at some point. Piano. My brother goes to piano lessons so he can learn how to play. Piano.

JADEN: Piano. P-I-A-N-O. Piano.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Very good. Dillon Kranitis is 10 years old and in Year four at Goulburn West School. Hello. Lovely to have you.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Now you are a gymnast. Are you just always doing things like cartwheels across the furniture at home?


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: What are the rules? What are your parents' rules for that?

DILLON: Just don't put your feet on the walls.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Ah, yeah. Good rule. Your practice word is kind. Kind. It was kind of her to help the lost man find his way to the library. Kind.

DILLON: Kind. K-I-N-D. Kind.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Perfect. Thank you very much. OK. Rhea Yenuga is 9 years old and in Year four at Cessnock Public School. Gee, you've come a long way too. Good to have you here. Now you also are a fan of gymnastics. Do you have to keep your feet off the walls at home? No?


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: No rules? Good one. OK. Now I'm going to give you your practice word which is chicken. Chicken. The chicken coop was fenced to stop the foxes from getting in. Chicken.

RHEA: Chicken. C-H-I-C-K-E-N. Chicken.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Very good. Thank you very much. Charlie Thompson is 10 years old. He's in Year four at Old Bar-- sorry, she. Hello, how are you going? At Old Bar Public School. Now you have a musician you admire very much. Tell us who it is.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: [laughs] I but there's a lot of Pink fans here, both in the kids and in the parents, I imagine. Have you ever had a chance to see Pink?


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Me neither. I'd love to do that. OK, Charlie, your word is play. Play. During recess, it's fun to play with my friends. Play.

CHARLIE: Play. P-L-A-Y. Play.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Perfect. Thank you very much. Saathvika Hassini Kolluri is here. She's 9 years old. She's in Year four at North Sydney Demonstration School. I went to that school. It's a great school. Good to have you. Now your favourite subject at school is, I'm just guessing, English?


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: How did you realise that you were good at spelling?

SAATHVIKA: Well my sister won the states in 2015. So-- her yeah, I just prepare at home and then--

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: All right. And so she's giving you a few tips, has she? Fantastic. OK, well your practice word is fact. Fact. The fact of the matter was that his homework was late. Fact.

SAATHVICA: Fact. F-A-C-T. Fact.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Perfect. Thank you very much. Hannah Moore is 10 years old. She's from Hornsby South Public School, and she's in Year four. Now unlike one of our other contestants, you're not so fond of snakes. You're a bit, well, afraid of them. Have you seen one? Am I scaring you even talking about it? Let me change the subject. Now your word-- your favourite word is?

HANNAH: Floccinaucinihilipilification.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Can you say that again?

HANNAH: Floccinaucinihilipilification.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Does anyone know what that means? Can you explain that word for us?

HANNAH: I don't really know.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Well funnily enough, I've always loved that word myself, and it means delirious plucking at the bedclothes. What a strange word. How about that. Your practice word is video. Video. I'm only allowed to play video games after I've completed all my homework. Video.

HANNAH: Video. V-I-D-E-O. Video.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Perfect. Thank you very much. Marcus Chung is eight years old. He's at Earlwood Public School in Year three, and a bit of a musician. What are the instruments you play, Marcus?

MARCUS: Recorder, piano, and flute.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Ah, well an excellent trio. OK, your practice word is change. Change. To get to the beach on the weekend, we had to change trains at central station. Change.

MARCUS: Change. C-H-A-N-G-E. Change.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Very good. Thank you very much. Ryan Tapfield. Ryan is from South Wagga Public School. He's 10 years old, and he's in Year four. Ryan, it says here that you don't like peas.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: That's true? Can I suggest you give peas a chance?


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Sorry about that. Pretty bad. But you do have an ambition to be a doctor when you finish school.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Did your mum and dad talk you into that, or did it come from the heart?

RYAN TAPFIELD: No, they didn't talk me into that.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Excellent. Good. I'm glad that you're following your heart. Your practice word is mind. Mind. I didn't mind if it was raining as I brought my umbrella to school. Mind.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Right. Thank you. Preet Hinduja is eight years old and in Year three at Miranda Public School. And when you are grown up, you're considering a career as a teacher. Is that right?


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: What kind of teacher would you be?

PREET: An art teacher.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Oh, really? Oh, what a great ambition. Fantastic. Your practice word is super. Although-- actually there's an error in the paper here, so I'm going to fix it up for everyone. Actually your practice word is love. I really love it when my parents take me to the water park. Love.

PRITE: Love. L-O-V-E. Love.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: I love it. Thank you very much for that, Preet OK, Hamish Eastment is here. He's nine years old. He's in Year four at Armidale City Public School. What a great town Armidale is, particularly in autumn.

HAMISH: Uh-huh.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Yeah, it's very beautiful, isn't it? Now you're a cricket player, but you follow the South Sydney Rabbitohs. What do you like about the Rabbitohs?

HAMISH: My dad goes for them, so I do.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Yeah, that's the way it happens, isn't it? OK, your practice word is easy, and it's easy. It was easy to cross the river without getting wet by stepping carefully on the dry stones. Easy.

HAMISH: Easy. E-A-S-Y. Easy.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Perfect. Thank you. Very good. Zahrah Herman is here. She's in Year four at Oxley Park Public School

Hello. Lovely to have you here. Very good. Now you would like a superpower that would give you the chance to shape-shift. What would you shape-shift into?

ZAHRAH: Like a bird or something, so then I could fly too.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Yeah, beautiful. That's beautiful. Your practice word is house. House. It was nice to sit in my house and do nothing all weekend. House.

ZAHRAH: House H-O-U-S-E. House.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Very good. Thank you very much. Anirudh Duvoor is here. Anirudh is nine years old, and in Year four and at Barnier Public School. Not high school yet. What have you done to your hand there?

ANIRUDH: A basketball hit my finger and I double fractured it.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Oh. It went backwards, did it?

ANIRUDH: Yeah. Dislocated it.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Oh. I'm so sorry for you. That is awful. Well lucky your practice word is calm. Calm. The water was calm, and there were not many waves at the beach. Calm.

ANIRODH: Calm. C-A-L-M. Calm.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Bang on. Good one. Thank you very much for that Ani All right. Jonathan Williams. Now Jonathan is nine years old. He's in Year four at Mannering Park Public School. You like cats. You're a fan of cats. How many have you got?

JONATHAN: I have two.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Uh-huh And what kind are they? What colour?

JONATHAN: One's grey and white, and one's black and white.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Very nice, OK. All right, your practice word is water. Water. When I went swimming, the water was cold. Water.

JONATHAN: Water. W-A-T-E-R. Water.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Nailed it. Thank you very much. Syed Rayyan UL Hassan Noor is 10 years old and in Year four at Morgan Street Public School. Hello. How are you going?




CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: So am I. It's OK. I think it's OK. It might help you. It might help me, too. Now you are a big admirer of your dad, because your dad does what?

RAYYAN: He just helps me with stuff.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: And reads to you as well? What a great dad. Your practice word is soup. Soup. The canteen was serving a delicious hot pumpkin soup for lunch. Soup.

RAYYAN: Soup. S-O-U-P. Soup.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Excellent. Thank you very much. Raksha Tekuru is in Year three at Victoria Avenue Public School, and she is nine years old. Hello and welcome. Great to have you along. I hear that you are a big science buff. Yeah, what do you like doing in science?

RAKSHA: I like conducting experiments.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Well, you are going to love high school. I tell you what. It gets even better there. Your practice word is pizza. Pizza. Pineapple should not be a topping put on pizza. Pizza.

RAKSHA: Pizza. P-I-Z-Z-A. Pizza.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Excellent. Thank you very much. Very controversial sentence, that one. Can't agree with it myself. Alexander Warne is here. Alexander is eight years old and in Year three at St. John's Park Public School. Hello, Alexander. Now your favourite movie is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I haven't seen this. Do meatballs actually come out of the sky?

ALEXANDER: Food flies out of the sky.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Yeah? You reckon I should see it? I think I should probably see that one. Your practice word is tall. Tall. The best basketball players are always very tall. Tall.

ALEXANDER: Tall. T-A-L-L. Tall.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Excellent. Don't know if it's true though. Anaya Saad is with us. Anaya is nine years old and in Year four at Harrington Park School. Now if you had to choose between Scooby Doo and Roald Dahl, which would you choose?

ANAYA: Roald Dahl.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Oh! What's your favourite book by Roald Dahl?

ANAYA: Matilda.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Oh, great. Fantastic. I love him too. And when you get older there's books that he wrote for adults as well. So much to look forward to! OK, your practice word is food. Food. My favourite part of the day is when I see what food is in my lunch box. Food.

ANAYA: Food. F-O-O-D. Food.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Excellent. Thank you very much. Hayley Hall. Hayley is 9 years old and in Year four at Warren Central School. She admires her cousin Bailey who moved to Sydney for university because he sets a good example while also being fun. What's fun about Bailey?

HAYLEY: He likes to joke around, but he's also serious sometimes.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: I like Bailey too, already. Now your practice word is truth. Truth. It is important to tell the truth when talking to your parents and teachers. Truth.

HAYLEY: Truth. T-H-R-U-T-H. Truth.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Well that is incorrect, but that doesn't matter. So thank you very much. Very good. Zoe Evason Zoe is 10 years old, and she's in Year four at Copacabana Public School. And she has a sister called Phoebe. You are not fans of horror or of arguing and bullying. What do you like best about school, Zoe?

ZOE: I like doing technology and art. Those are my top two favourite subjects.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: OK. Maybe they'll come together sometime in the future. Your practice word is bird. Bird. The kookaburra is my favourite type of bird. Bird.

ZOE: Bird B-I-R-D. Bird.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Excellent. Thank you very much. Hanina Ward is 10 years old. She's in Year four at New Lambton South Public School. Hello.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Lovely to have you. Fantastic school uniform.

HANINA: Thank you.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Yeah. Now you love the show Behind the News.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: So do I. What do you like about it?

HANINA: Well, I really like the presenter, Amelia Mosley. She's very inspiring. And I like the news too.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Well maybe one day you can be on it. Now your practice word is beach. Beach. It is fun to go to the beach for a swim when it is hot. Beach.

HANINA: Beach. B-E-A-C-H. Beach.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Perfect. Thank you very much. Kody McPherson. Cody is 10 years old and in year four at Nimmitabel Public School. Now you're a fan of dinosaurs. How did you come to like dinosaurs?

KODY: Well I used to watch this dinosaur show. And I wanted to watch the first Jurassic Park and got scared.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: [laughs] Yeah, fantastic. Your practice word is joke. Joke. Telling a joke is the best way to make someone smile. Joke.

KODY: Joke. J-O-K-E. Joke.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Excellent. Thank you very much. Wint War Shein is 10 years old and in Year four at Crestwood Public School. Also another David Williams fan. Your favourite book is Bad Dad. What's so bad about bad dad?

WINT WAR: He's a getaway driver

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Fantastic I like Bad Dad too. OK. your practice word is cheese. Cheese. My favourite part of spaghetti is the cheese on top. Cheese.

WINT WAR: Cheese C-H-E-E-S-E. Cheese.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Perfect. Thank you very much. Charlie Johnson. Charlie's 10 years old and in Year four at Illaroo Public School. Now you are a fan of someone who is much, much older than you and makes nature documentaries. Who am I talking about?

CHARLIE: David Attenborough.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: What is it that you like about David?

CHARLIE: He knows a lot about animals.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Yeah. He's very passionate, isn't he? Now your practice word is table. Table. Mum insists that we all come and sit at the dinner table together to eat. Table.

CHARLIE: Table. T-A-B-L-E. Table.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Very good. Thank you. Ruby Blake. Ruby's nine years old and in Year four at Coal Point Public School. She likes climbing trees and wearing mismatched socks. Now Ruby, is that because you just can't be bothered putting them in pairs, or do you actually like them when they're not matching?

RUBY: I like them when they're not matching.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Yeah, I think a lot of people-- yeah, it's pretty cool in parts of Sydney to wear mismatched socks, particularly with sandals. I've noticed that.

RUBY: My auntie does it.


RUBY: Yeah.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Well, she's pretty cool. Your practice word is circle. Circle. The students put a circle around the correct answer in the test. Circle.

RUBY: Circle. C-I-R-C-L-E. Circle.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Perfect. Thank you very much. Xavier Morris. Xavier is nine years old. He is in Year three at Lennox Head Public School and well, he's got a good friend called Alex who's always great with ideas and stuff. And you also like the show Think Tank. I haven't seen that. What happens on Think Tank?

XAVIER: It's like a trivia show and they have to answer questions. And if they get them right, they get a certain amount of points. And the end the person with the most points wins.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Very competitive. I like it. OK. Your practice word is quick. Quick. The possum was quick to escape when frightened. Quick.

XAVIER: Quick. Q-U-I-C-K. Quick.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Perfect. Thank you very much. Evie Thawley Evie is 10 years old and in Year four at Banora Point Public School. Hey now Evie, we've got a favourite TV show in common. But I'm a bit surprised that you're allowed to watch Stranger Things. Don't you get frightened?

EVIE: Not really.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Wow. You're tough. I get very frightened, but I love it at the same time. Your practice word is good. Good. The food at the farmers market was good quality. Good.

EVIE: Good. G-O-O-D. Good.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Excellent. Thank you very much. OK. Jared Berlet Jared is our 49th contestant today. Hello Jared.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: 10 years old, in Year four at Wakehurst Public School. You're a bit of a sportsperson. What sports do you like playing?

JARED: I like soccer. I like running and rugby.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Oh, excellent. OK. Your practice word is read. My favourite pastime is to sit in the garden and read. Read.

JARED: Read. R-E-A-D. Read.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Perfect. And that concludes our practice round. Thank you, everyone. Thank you parents.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Well how many are we down to? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. We're up to round-- level six A, unseen. Let's do it, shall we?

ANNOUNCER: Darius Giann.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: How are you feeling, Darius?

DARIUS: A little nervous.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Darius, your word is auxiliary. The hospital has an auxiliary power supply, in case of a blackout. Auxiliary.

DARIUS: Auxiliary. A-U-X-I-L-A-R-Y. Auxiliary.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: So close. I'm sorry. That is incorrect. Thank you very much, Darius. Auxiliary is A-U-X-I-L-I-A-R-Y.

ANNOUNCER: Oliver Bishell

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Oliver. Your word is recalcitrant. Her recalcitrant attitude often got her into trouble. Recalcitrant.

OLIVER: Recalcitrant. R-E-C-O-U-N-C-E-T-R-I-A-N-T. Recalcitrant.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: I'm sorry. That is incorrect. Thank you so much. Recalcitrant is R-E-C-A-L-C-I-T-R-A-N-T.

ANNOUNCER: Ari Vandenbosch.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Ari, your word is belligerent. She was shocked by her neighbour's belligerent outburst. Belligerent.

ARI: B-A-L-I-G-E-R-A-N-T. Belligerent.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: I'm sorry. That is incorrect. Thank you very much, Ari. Belligerent is spelled B-E-L-L-I-G-E-R-E-N-T.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Jed, your word is reminiscent. Today's game was reminiscent of the great grand final of 1975. Reminiscent.

JED: Reminiscent. R-E-M-E-N-I-S-C-E-N-T. Reminiscent.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: I'm sorry. That is incorrect. Thank you so much. Reminiscent is R-E-M-I-N-I-S-C-E-N-T.

ANNOUNCER: Hannah Moore.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Hannah. Your word is exhilarating. Some people find these cold mornings crisp and exhilarating, but I just find them cold. Exhilarating.

HANNAH: Exhilarating. E-X-H-I-L-A-R-A-T-I-N-G. Exhilarating.


ANNOUNCER: Zahrah Herman.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Zahrah, your word is psychedelic. Bright, psychedelic wallpaper was popular in the 1960s. Psychedelic.

ZAHARA: Psychedelic. P-S-H-Y-C-I-D-E-L-I-C. Psychedelic.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: I'm sorry. That is incorrect. Thank you very much. Well done. Psychedelic is spelled P-S-Y-C-H-E-D-E-L-I-C.

ANNOUNCER: Raksha Tekuru

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Your word is vehement. There was no doubt about the sincerity of her swift and vehement reply. Vehement.

PRAKSHA: Vehement. V-E-H-E-M-E-N-T. Vehement.



CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Anaya, your word is polydactyl. My cat is polydactly. She has an extra pad on her two front paws. Polydactyl.

ANAYA: Polydactyl. P-O-L-I-D-A-C-T-E-L. Polydactyl.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: I'm sorry. That is incorrect. Thank you very much. Polydactly is P-O-L-Y-D-A-C-T-L-Y. I did not even know that word existed until today. Wint War Shein Your word is lackadaisical. Her lackadaisical attitude to her studies contributed to her low marks. Lackadaisical.

WINT WAR Can you please say the word again?


WINT WAR L-A-C-I-T-A-S-I-C-A-L. Lackadaisical.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: I'm sorry. That is incorrect. Thank you so much. Lackadaisical is spelled L-A-C-K-A-D-A-I-S-I-C-A-L. That's it. Wow. OK.


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Thank you very much to the people who are leaving us in this round. Well done. Unbelievable. OK. Well here we are. I don't think I need to say that both of you are winners already today. This is very exciting. And I wish you all the best.

ANNOUNCER: Hannah Moore.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Hannah, your word is annihilate. Our coach told us the aim was to enjoy the game, not to annihilate the opposition. Annihilate.

HANNAH: Annihilate. A-N-N-I-H-I-L-A-T-E. Annihilate.


ANNOUNCER: Raksa Takuru.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Raksa, your word is abscess. The mosquito bite had become a nasty abscess on his leg. Abscess.

RAKSA: Abscess. A-B-S-C-E-S-S. Abscess.




ANNOUNCER: Hannah Moore.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Hannah, your word is vigilante. The police warned the townspeople against forming their own vigilante group to fight gang violence. Vigilante.

HANNAH: Vigilante. V-I-G-I-L-A-N-T-E. Vigilante.


ANNOUNCER: Raksa Takuru.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Raksa, your word is casuarina. The casuarina is sometimes used as a Christmas tree in Australia. Casuarina.

RAKSA: Casuarina. C-A-S-U-R-I-N-A. Casuarina.

CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: I'm sorry, that is incorrect. But congratulations!


CASSIE MCCULLOUGH: Well done. Casuarina is spelled C-A-S-U-A-R-I-N-A. And Raksa, I hope you don't, spend the rest of your life looking at casuarinas and dratting them. Let's give a special round of applause to our winners



ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, I declare Hannah Moore from Hornsby South Public School the Junior State Champion of the 2019 Premier's Spelling Bee. I invite this--


ANNOUNCER: I invite Mr. Paul Mitchell to conduct the awards. ceremony.

PAUL MITCHELL: All right. So I'd like to say a huge thank you to our chairpersons and timers. Ladies and gentlemen, can you also please show your appreciation for announcer, who I'm sure you'll agree has done a wonderful job today. Cassie McCulough.


PAUL MITCHELL: Now can I ask that all students please come to the stage and return to the original seats that you started in boys and girls? Thank you. So once again audience, if you could give Raksa a round of applause. Congratulations, Raksa. Our state final runner-up for the Premier Section. And please congratulate today's winner, the Junior State Champion of the 2019 Premier Spelling Bee, Hannah Moore from Hornsby South Public School.


PAUL MITCHELL: And once again, parents, could we give a big round of applause. Well done for Hannah. She has got her hands full there.

So boys and girls, as we read out your names, if you would like to come forward to receive your prizes, please come forward. So we will just go through in order of our students that participated today, and again congratulations to all of you boys and girls. So starting with Georgia Garness from Wallsend South Public School.


PAUL MITCHELL: Yusuf Karim, Wiley Park Public School. Annaliese Maguire, Gunnedah South Public School. Darius Giann from Drummoyne Public School. Bowie Robertson from Yamba Public School. Brayden Bouffler from Claire Public School. Oliver Bishell from Glenbrook Public School. Angad Singh from Casula Public School.

Felicity Wharton from the Junction Public School. Ari Vandenbosch from Goolmangar Public School. Theodore Rainford from Figtree Heights Public School. Poppy Kay from Orange Public School. Aaron Morris from Oatley West Public School. Luke Busic from Coogee Public School. Jed Dou from Murray Farm Public School. Charlie Wright from Sawtell Public School. Joshua Musgrave from Minnimurra Public School. Slow down? Let's just catch everything. Mielle Gadiane from Cambridge Gardens Public School. Serena Terpstra from Bolwarra Public School. Isabella Holumbiyevska Lavington Public School. Montana Nardi from Park View Public School. Cecilia Zhong from Hurstville Public School. Jaden Dao from New Bridge Heights Public School. Dillon Kranitis from Goulburn West Public School. Rhea Yenuga from Cessnock Public School. Charlie Thompson from Old Bar Public School. Saathveka Haasini Kolluri from North Sydney Public School. Marcus Chung from Earlwood Public School. Ryan Tapfield from South Wagga Public School. Preet Hinduja from Miranda Public School. Hammish Eastment from Armidale City Public School. Zahara Herman from Oxley Park Public School. Zahrah Herman from Barnier Public School. Jonathan Williams from Mannering Park Public School. Reyyan Noor from Morgan Street Public School. Alexander Warne from Saint John's Park Public School. Anaya Saad from Harrington Park Public School. Haley Hall from Warren Central School. Zoe Evason from Copacabana Public School. Hanina Ward from New Lambton South Public School. Kody McPherson from Nimmitabel Public School. Wint War Shein from Crestwood Public School. Charlie Johnson from Illaroo Public School. Ruby Blake from Cold Point Public School. Xavier Morris from Lennox Head Public School. Evie Thawley from Banora Point Public School. And Jared Berlet from Wakehurst Public School.

So thank you to our student officials once again from Nimmitabel Public School, their principal Brad Austin, our announcer Cassie, our judges, all our sponsors, and of course today's contestants. Can we get a round of applause, please parents thank you. Thank you once again everyone. That concludes the 2019 Junior State Final of the Premier Spelling Bee.

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