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SpecEd 2018 – Introduction to eResource

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SONJA SJOLANDER: Hi, my name is Sonja Sjolander, and I'm the creative director of the Schools Spectacular. Welcome to the Schools Spectacular resource kit. This is an exciting initiative for 2018, and we're really thrilled to share it with you. We've developed some amazing materials, resources, and a whole heap of strategies that you can use within the classroom to support your experience of the Schools Spectacular.

This resource kit has been created by The Arts Unit of the New South Wales Department of Education in collaboration with Kaelene Neville, principal of Murringo Public School. In 2018, the theme for this year's Schools Spectacular is 'The Greatest', and we're very proud of this theme because it resonates so well with all of our students, and together we celebrate some of the greatest stories, the greatest music, the greatest lessons and experiences of all time.

We're very proud to have put together units of work that celebrate three of these segments: welcome to the circus 'Under the big top', video games 'Game on!' and 'The greatest stories' of all time. In this resource kit, you have a number of different syllabi, and they're full of integrated lessons, and these lessons cover: English, maths, science, history, PDHPE, and the creative arts. The beauty of these resources is they can be used however you see fit.

It would be perfect for a school who was involved in the Schools Spectacular to learn more about the experience and the item in the segment that they were performing in and the full show. Or it might be suitable for those students who are going to come to see the show as an audience member in our preview. Or perhaps for those of you who are going to watch the show on the broadcast, this would be the ideal method of supporting the experience for the students and enabling them to be 'the greatest'.

As passionate educators, we've designed this resource kit to meet your needs. We know you'll find it very valuable and we do value your feedback. Please send us through any feedback, any ideas, and any outcomes that you've achieved. We look forward to seeing you at the show.

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