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SpecEd 2019 – Introduction to eResource

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Hi, I'm Sonja Sjolander and I'm the creative director of the 2019 Schools Spectacular. It gives me great pleasure that due to the success of our 2018 initiative we have again in 2019 our SpecEd resources. These resources have been developed by teachers for teachers and we're really thrilled to offer this extension opportunity to continue the learning above and beyond the classroom. With these resources you can utilise them in any way that suits your needs and the needs of your students. They can be utilised as a whole unit of work or perhaps an individual lesson or strategy. We're really thrilled that these resources exist, that they've been so successful, and so needed by the community and we're thrilled that they are available to all New South Wales public schools. The objective of these resources is that you can support the learning that occurs by either participating in or watching the Schools Spectacular. This will allow your students a more deeper dive and more enriched experience of the Schools Spectacular. They can investigate units of work that they will see out there on the arena floor. There are many concepts within the theme STARS and several of them have an entire unit of work dedicated to this pursuit. We hope that you will enjoy the SpecEd resources.

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