Operation Art Student Workshops

Kindergarten to Year 10

Students spend a whole day making, creating and learning new visual arts skills. Workshops cover a variety of different topic areas, including drawing, painting, printing, mixed media and sculpture.

Delivered by specialist visual arts teachers, these full-day workshops are designed to extend participants' skills and artmaking experiences beyond the classroom. Students who display a higher level of engagement in visual arts will benefit from these challenging opportunities.

student workshop

Student workshop

Enquire about Operation Art student workshops by contacting Heidi Windeisen.

All booking links will be made available below when the locations are open.

Please be sure to register as a contact teacher before advertising the workshops to your students.


Wollongong Art Gallery 
6 Burelli Street, Wollongong NSW 2500

  • Stage 1 (Year 1-2) Wednesday 11 May – Now closed 
  • Stage 2 (Year 3-4) Thursday 12 May – Now closed 
  • Stage 3 (Year 5-6) Friday 13 May – Now closed 
  • Stage 4 (Year 7-8) Wednesday 18 May – Now closed



Maitland regional Art Gallery
230 High Street, Maitland NSW 2320

  • Stage 1 (Year 1-2) Monday 27 June - Now closed
  • Stage 2 (Year 3-4) Tuesday 28 June - Now closed
  • Stage 3 (Year 5-6) Wednesday 29 June - Now closed
  • Stage 4 (Year 7-8) Thursday 30 June - Now closed



Hurstville Museum and Gallery
14 Macmahon St, Hurstville NSW 2220

  • Stage 1 (Year 1-2) Monday 29 August - Closed, workshop full
  • Stage 2 (Year 3-4) Tuesday 30 August - Open
  • Stage 3 (Year 5-6) Wednesday 31 August - Closed, workshop full
  • Stage 4 (Year 7-8) Thursday 1 September - Cancelled

2022 Hurstville enrolment form


SOPA The Armory Gallery
Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

  • Stage 1 Tuesday 18 October 2022 - Open
  • Stage 2 Tuesday 19 October 2022 - Open
  • Stage 3 Tuesday 20 October 2022 - Open

2022 SOPA enrolment form


Tamworth Regional Gallery
466 Peel St, Tamworth NSW 2340

  • Stage 1 (Year 1-2) Monday 7 November
  • Stage 2 (Year 3-4) Tuesday 8 November
  • Stage 3 (Year 5-6) Wednesday 9 November

Booking link available soon.

Virtual workshop

This year, Operation Art and The Armory Gallery are very excited to once again offer virtual artmaking lessons to class groups of students in Years 1 to 6 in NSW public schools.

Students will be taken on a virtual excursion as they enter The Armory Gallery through the eyes of the camera to view the 2022 Operation Art Exhibition, and then participate in an interactive artmaking lesson. 

Session dates: Available soon

Session costs: $220 per participating class group

Teachers: Book virtual workshop

Workshop outcomes

This virtual excursion will address the following visual arts outcomes for each relevant stage:

Stage 1 outcomes
  • VAS1.1 – Makes artworks in a particular way about experiences of real and imaginary things.
  • VAES1.2 – Experiments with a range of media in selected forms.
  • VAS1.3 – Realises what artists do, who they are and what they make.
Stage 2 outcomes
  • VAS2.2 – Uses the forms to suggest the qualities of subject matter.
  • VAS2.4 – Identifies connections between subject matter in artworks and what they refer to, and appreciates the use of particular techniques.
Stage 3 outcomes
  • VAS3.1 – Investigates subject matter in an attempt to represent likenesses of things in the world.
  • VAS3.2 – Makes artworks for different audiences assembling materials in a variety of ways.
  • VAS3.4 – Communicates about the ways in which subject matter is represented in artworks.


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