Schools Spectacular

Featured specialist performer

Applications for this category are now closed.

The Schools Spectacular featured specialist performer category extends an opportunity to NSW Public School students, to showcase a wide variety of musical, dance, and theatrical talents. This category is open to students from Kindergarten to Year 12 and is an excellent platform to showcase new, emerging, and experienced specialty acts, magicians, signing artists, specialist instruments, dance, and more.

Audition process

Please consider all Schools Spectacular ensemble categories before submitting your application, as there may be a more suitable category for your act.

Students involved in the featured specialist performer category will be selected via the following process:

1. Record audition videos

Students are asked to present at least one piece that will allow the audition panel to assess the student’s skills and performance quality. It is encouraged that applicants provide two contrasting pieces for the audition. Items should be no more than three minutes. 

2. Upload the videos and submit an application form

Using the criteria above, upload your video and submit your application form.

3. Confirmation email

Students will receive a confirmation email once the application has been submitted. The student's parent/carer and school principal will also receive an email asking them to endorse the application. Please note that endorsement from the student's principal and parent/carer is required to be considered for the featured specialist performer role in Schools Spectacular.

4. Notification of results

Some students may be asked to attend a live audition in Sydney during Term 2. All applicants will be notified of their final results by Term 2, Week 9.



The costume and prop fee will be $150 per student.

Costume costs will be direct debited from the student's school. Students will need to pay the costume fee directly to their school once notified of their acceptance into the production.

Some assistance may be available for students with financial hardship in extenuating circumstances. Following discussions with the school, if students require further support, please email enquiries to

Audition tips

  • Please do not submit a video of the students in a performance (such as a school performance or presentation night or dance festival). Please submit a current video.
  • Audition videos should be filmed in a school hall or dance classroom with normal room lighting.
  • Please film your video in a room that has the window or doorway covered so that light from outside doesn’t interfere with the quality of the video.
  • Performance presentation and ability to captivate and entertain an audience will be taken into account when evaluating auditionees.
  • Record the audition in a room with a neutral acoustic. The school hall or auditorium will often have too much echo to record a video. The school’s music classroom will normally have the best acoustic for recording your audition.
For more audition tips, visit Top tips for auditioning.