Acknowledgement of Country

Duration: 1:22

We Acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging and extend that respect to all Aboriginal people present. This place is, was and always will be Aboriginal land.

Transcript – Acknowledgement of Country

[ambient bush sounds and percussive instruments]

ZIPPORAH CORSER ANU: Kayb ngalpa ngitha mura. Which in my language means, 'G'day everyone.'

SEBASTIAN KELLY-TOIAVA: Yaama, which in my language is a form of greeting. And I'm a proud Ngiyampaa man.

ZANE CARR: Today I would like to acknowledge the Darug people of this land on which we stand.

ZIPPORAH CORSER ANU: On which we stand.

SEBASTIAN KELLY-TOIAVA: On which we stand.

ZIPPORAH CORSER ANU: May the stars shine bright wherever you are and guide you all.

SEBASTIAN KELLY-TOIAVA: I'd like to acknowledge the spirits, the ancestors, the flora and fauna.

JOSHUA KALAW: The mountains, the rivers, and the elders both past and present.

ZOE BROWN: For they will continue on sharing their knowledge to the future generations.

KIYA SLOCKEE: We pay our respects to your continued connection and care for Country.

JARED SMITH: We would like to extend our acknowledgements to any other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people here today.

KIYA SLOCKEE: And so, we welcome you to this beautiful Country.

JARED SMITH: Sit back, Duramori yurimaia, relax, and enjoy what I'm sure is to be an amazing gathering. Yalabi daiyalung bora.

BOTH: Yamma.

[ambient bush sounds and percussive instruments]

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