Tales from the Wild Bush

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Elektra is about to start big school with her best friend Will. But when Will and his family move to Melbourne, Elektra has to start school all on her own and her mum won’t let her go to spy school instead!

When school seems scary, the best place to escape is in a book. Tales From The Wild Bush takes Elektra on a journey to discover the Australian bush and some very familiar characters and teaches her how to survive and thrive back in the real world.

This original play, created and devised by Emma Palmer, Robert Jago and the cast of the NSW Public Schools Drama Company 2021, enter the world of the bush, the playground and the universal themes of resilience, acceptance, friendship, inclusion and overcoming challenges.

The production was performed and recorded at NIDA in May 2021. 

"Students and staff alike loved the story. So many of the children were just absolutely transfixed. The story was put together so beautifully and the children played the characters incredibly well. We appreciated the set design and costume elements in particular the changing characters. We have also had great discussions about the bake off and the value of friendship. "

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