Dance workshops for students with disability – Teachers Professional Learning

This 2-day workshops for teachers will consist of seminars and practical dance and arts activities. Participants will engage in discussion and activities centred on developing knowledge and skills that respond to the individualised learning and support needs of students with disability in the creative arts classroom.

The program also provides opportunities for networking with other teachers to share experiences and access resources, in order to improve planning creative movement and dance activities for students with disability.

Applications close: Friday 14 June 

Dates and venues

Sydney workshop:

  • Thursday 25 to Friday 26 July 
  • 9:00am - 4:00pm
  • Venue: Australian College of Physical Education. Address: 10 Parkview Dr, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127


  • $200.00 per participating NSW public school teachers for the two-day workshop.
  • $500.00 per participating NSW non-government school teachers for the two-day workshop.

Contact details

Should you have any queries, please contact us at

Application process

  1. Complete the online application form below.
  2. Register for this course on MyPL.  Course name: D'Arts Inclusive Dance Workshop for Teachers.
  3. Make payment through The Arts Unit Website payment portal. Here is a step-by-step guide for making an online payment:
    Payment portal guide (DOCX 769.64 KB)

Please note that your place in the workshop will not be confirmed until all three steps in the application process are complete.


School information

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This program includes the Dance workshops for students with disability, Dance Teachers Inclusive Professional Learning, and the Connections Showcase. Please specify which programs you have participated in and when.
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This program includes the Incusive Dance Workshop for Teachers, D'Arts Inclusive Dance Workshop for Students, and the Connections Showcase. Please specify which programs you have participated in and when.

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The filming/recording will be arranged by: The Department of Education, The Arts Unit

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The filming/recording will be done by: internally by NSW Department of Education ('department')


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What will be filmed or recorded

Performances, rehearsals, workshops, interviews, competitions, festivals in relation to the Project.

How the filming or recording will occur

Up to three cameras would be used, with external lighting and audio recording equipment.

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Raw footage will be stored on NSW Department of Education secure servers, accessible only by The Arts Unit staff. Produced footage will be uploaded to Vimeo and cross published on Facebook and The Arts Unit website, accessible by the public.

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The footage will be available for use until the department considers it no longer fit for purpose

The footage online may provide cached on web browsers  and archived copies may appear after the department itself has ceased to post the footage.


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Use: I consent to the department using the footage of me for the Project described above, (including to promote the Project.
Video editing: I understand that the department may edit any video it records, including combining it with other video and audio and adding text or music for the project
I waive any right to inspect or approve any use of the footage before it is used.
Copyright: I acknowledge and agree that all rights in and to any content captured as a part of the project, including the copyright, are and shall remain the sole property of the department and I waive any moral rights under the Copyright Act 1968 in the video and audio.
Voluntary: I understand that participation in the filming and recording is voluntary and I will not be remunerated.
Online reposts: if the footage is posted by the department on the internet the department cannot prevent third parties from posting links.
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Please note that participation in the program is not dependent on granting permission to publish (talent release).