Teachers Choreographic Workshop


A workshop for dance teachers with a wide variety of experience in dance from beginner to advanced and aims to develop teachers’ skills in choreography and analysis of compositional elements.

The workshop will include practical activities, choreographic exploration and a teacher’s forum with industry professionals.

teacher workshop

Program outcomes

Participants will develop an understanding of...

  • the dance syllabus in relation to choreography
  • the elements of composition
  • the processes and methods involved in the construction of a dance composition
  • skills involved in composition and choreography
  • processes in the development of dance items for public performance
  • the effects of lighting, sound, costuming and use of props in dance performance
  • of dance as an art form.

Participants will be able to...

  • understand the compositional process
  • experience a variety of approaches to dance composition
  • manipulate the elements of composition
  • explore a range of dance ideas and accompaniments
  • demonstrate a creative response to choreography.


Primary Teachers Workshop date TBC
Secondary Teachers Workshop date TBC
Non Government Teachers please email us to register.


Government Teachers $100 (incl GST) per workshop
Non Government Teachers $200 (incl GST) per workshop


Sydney Dance Company Studios, Pier 4, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay

Course codes

Primary Teachers RG00228
Secondary Teachers RG00227


The Dance team
The Arts Unit
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