Schools Spectacular


SpecFest flash mob

The SpecFest Team invites dance groups from public schools all over NSW to participate in the SpecFest 2024 Flash Mob. This exciting initiative, now in its third year, will take place as part of the entertainment at SpecFest, the outdoor festival that accompanies the 2024 Schools Spectacular, on Friday 29 November 2024 (Term 4 Week 7).

For more information on this opportunity, or to apply, go to the SpecFest 2024 flash mob application form. Applications close on Monday 12 August 2024 (Term 3 Week 7).

School group performances

SpecFest provides the opportunity for performance groups from public schools around NSW to be showcased on one of our outdoor stages or as roaming entertainment. The SpecFest team are looking for groups including (but not limited to):

  • musical ensembles (for example, big bands, marimba ensembles, vocal ensembles)
  • dance groups (for example, cultural groups, circus skills, dancesport)
  • drama groups (for example, street performers, mime)

Groups auditioning should be able to perform 6–8 minutes of content appropriate to an outdoor festival performance environment. School groups who want to perform need to be available for a safety briefing, rehearsal and sound check on Thursday 28 November 2024.

Groups providing performances which represent different cultures within their school, or community of schools, are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please note, this process is only for groups of performers representing one or more NSW public schools. Individual performers who wish to be considered for participation at SpecFest should apply for Schools Spectacular 2024 via their applicable category. All individual category nominations for the 2024 Schools Spectacular will also be considered for SpecFest.

Key dates for SpecFest 2024

Date Time Details Venue
Mon 29 Jan   Applications open  
Mon 8 Apr 5:00 pm Applications close – school group performances  
Late Term 2   Application results sent – school group performances  
Mon 12 Aug 5:00 pm Nominations close – SpecFest Flash Mob  
Thu 15 Aug   Numbers finalised – SpecFest Flash Mob  
Thu 28 Nov TBC Compulsory safety briefing, rehearsals and sound checks – school group performances Qudos Bank Arena
Fri 29 Nov 9:30 am – 11:00 am SpecFest Activation #1 (school group performances) Qudos Bank Arena
  11:15 am / 5:45 pm SpecFest Flash Mob rehearsal and performance Qudos Bank Arena
  1:30 pm – 7:00 pm SpecFest Activation #2 (school group performances) Qudos Bank Arena
Sat 30 Nov 11:00 am– 1:00 pm SpecFest Activation #3 (school group performances) Qudos Bank Arena
  3:30 pm – 7:00 pm SpecFest Activation #4 (school group performances) Qudos Bank Arena


Individual mainstage performers

SpecFest will showcase a range of individual performers on its various stages at different times throughout the event.

If you're a talented performer and would like to be considered for this amazing opportunity, we highly recommend that you apply to Schools Spectacular 2024 for individual applications via your applicable category. All individual category nominations for the 2024 Schools Spectacular will also be considered for SpecFest.

Surround Sound rural and remote band competition

Surround Sound is a band competition for students from secondary schools in rural and remote areas. Expressions of interest for schools that wish to participate are open. Complete your Surround Sound expression of interest form as soon as possible to receive updates directly. More information can be found on the Surround Sound website.

Student production team

If you're a student and interested in being a part of the student production team for SpecFest, you'll have the opportunity to work alongside the Schools Spectacular production team and industry professionals. Your responsibilities will include assisting with the bump-in, bump-out, management, and coordination of all the elements of the show, as well as operation of camera, audio and lighting equipment and working to stage manage elements of the event. To apply for a position on the Student Production Team, please visit the Schools Spectacular 2024 individual application page.

Staff production team

Staff who are interested in applying for the staff production team for SpecFest should apply via the Schools Spectacular 2024 staff production team application process and indicate their interest in working on SpecFest as part of the application.